The International Conference on Sustainable Tourism (P3) at Costa Rica

Actions that add to a more sustainable future in Costa Rica

Costa Rica was host to a great international activity during the 5th and 6th of September, “The International Conference on Sustainable Tourism: Planet, People, Peace – P3”, at the Costa Rica Convention Center.

Among the topics presented in the Conference were:

–- Marketing and sustainability for tourist destinations

–- Accessibility in tourism

–- Gastronomy with identity and awareness

–- Over tourism

–- Legal instruments associated with sustainable tourism

–- Applications for direct use of geothermal energy in the hospitality sector.

More than 320 participants from 35 countries were present on this 100% environmentally responsible event, whose main objective was to approach sustainable tourism from many positive perspectives by way of various national and international experts.

The aforementioned issues were addressed by specialists such as:

National Geographic wildlife documentary presenter, Nigel Marven; t

The architect Hitesh Mehta, one of the main researchers of the world in integral ecological planning, ecological design, and the architectural aspects of Eco lodges landscape and considered as one of the five pioneers of sustainable tourism in the world;

Nélida Barbeito, who devised and developed the first one hundred percent accessible hotel in Argentina, and is an advisor to companies in the adaptation of facilities, usability, human resources training and customer service for users of inclusive services.

It should be noted that the activity was recognized by the Ecological Blue Flag Program in the category of Special Events for the fourth time, and awarded 100 points in the evaluation as an initiative in the field of Sustainability.

The P3 Conference is an enriching experience, where everyone is part of a passion directed towards Sustainable Tourism, as the course to follow for the benefit of our beloved planet. It is a real opportunity to show the world, initiatives that are being carried out in Costa Rica, not only in Sustainable Tourism but also with the National Decarbonization Plan and the training of Chefs with environmental and social awareness.

Observe and enjoy a video with Al Merschen presenting the topic of Marketing and Sustainability in Tourism Destinations (P3 Conference) at # HacéQueCuente

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