Meditation and Psilocybin: A Method to Increase Consciousness

    Increases the feeling of self-transcendence in the body

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    Meditation is one of the most effective methods in the search for a positive and balanced consciousness. Meditation can be practiced in many ways and complemented with the use of other elements to increase its effectiveness, including hallucinogens.

    A study published in Scientific Reports decided to dispel the debate over the use of psychedelics in meditation with a psychedelic meditation retreat. For this, a dose of psilocybin was applied to 40 people who participated in the mindfulness retreat.

    The objective was to identify if this hallucinogenic ingredient increases the feeling of self-transcendence in the body without causing negative effects such as anxiety or addiction. Both meditation and psychedelic rituals have searched for years for the most efficient mechanism when it comes to achieving balance in the mind.

    However, few mechanisms have been as successful in use as psilocybin. Upon coming into contact with these types of substances, our entire organism is delivered into a state of heightened sensitivity which, in most cases, can result in an increased sense of consciousness.

    Is meditation with psychedelics part of evolution?

    Nowadays we all want a life without so much stress, that allows us to enjoy experiences of the psyche. The feeling of calm is the most sought after in 21st century societies and there are very good omens about the effects of psilocybin on the body.

    The results of research conducted by the Zurich University Psychiatric Hospital in Switzerland showed that participants who took psilocybin for 5 days experienced an improvement in their emotional responses.

    “Compared with placebo, psilocybin improved mindfulness after intervention and produced larger positive changes in psychosocial functioning at a 4-month follow-up, which were corroborated by external ratings and associated with the magnitude of acute stress experiences. self-dissolution”.

    The current models of psychotherapy or meditation require an evolution. The use of psychedelics in the body has been extensively debated. However, the scientifically proven benefits are an approach to the safe use of these substances.

    Mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, etc., can be solved with doses of psychedelics. However, more research is still needed. The power to change consciousness can be linked to the well-being that science proposes. The union between natural methods and scientific research becomes more extensive every day. Freeing ourselves from dependence on the chemical elements contained in medicines can sometimes be counterproductive.

    It is true that everything in excess can carry a greater risk, and this also applies to medications and psychedelics. The purpose of this research is to identify thepotential health effects of psychedelics. And at the same time, determine whether or not they are suitable for treating certain diseases or disorders.

    Achieve self-transcendence

    The choice of a mechanism to achieve self-transcendence will be in your hands. Whether through meditation, psychedelic therapy, music, nature, spirituality, etc., endless possibilities are put before you with the sole purpose of achieving altered states of consciousness.
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