Making Your Career With Cisco CCNA Certification

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    The Cisco CCNA Certification tests your skills and knowledge in fundamentals of the network, IP connectivity, IP services, network access, automation, fundamentals of security and programmability. Along with boosting your job opportunities, earning this certification also increases the chance of promotion and salary hike.

    There are several CCNA training courses that can help you with the certification exam. So, if you are interested in making your career with this Cisco Certification exam, then this blog is just perfect for you.

    There are five levels of network certification offered by Cisco: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect. You can explore the career guide for Cisco to find which certification exam to take.

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    How To Prepare For The CCNA Certification Exam?

    1. Understand the blueprint of your exam. The pattern of the question paper helps you to prepare your road map and understand the type of questions that will be given to you.
    2. You can join the CCNA community of Cisco Learning Network. This community allows you to interact with the other candidates and instructors.
    3. Look for several training courses which provide instructor-led training classes, self-study resources and hands-on lab experience.

    What Are The Job Roles You Can Get With A CCNA Certification?

    10 CCNA certifications are offered by Cisco, which is based on different skill sets. These specialised certifications are associated with respective specialised job titles:

    • CCDA- Infrastructure Engineer, Network Design Engineer and Solutions Design Engineer.
    • CCNA Routing and Switching- Network Analyst, Network Administrator and System Administrator.
    • CCNA Collaboration- VoIP Engineer, Collaboration Engineer, Telecom Engineer and Unified Communications Engineer
    • CCNA Cloud- Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect and Network Administrator.
    • CCNA Cyber Ops- Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Engineer, Information Security Analyst and Network Security Engineer.
    • CCNA Industrial- Industrial Network Engineer, Industrial Network Specialist and Industrial Controls System Engineer.
    • CCNA Data Center- Data Center Network Engineer, Data Center Manager and Data Center Technician.
    • CCNA Security- Security Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer and Cybersecurity Engineer.
    • CCNA Wireless- Wireless Network Administrator, Mobility Engineer and Field Network Engineer.
    • CCNA Service Provider- Network Infrastructure Engineer, Backbone Support Engineer and Network Engineer- IP Designer.

    Many companies have adopted Cisco technology to meet their network needs. Therefore, it becomes necessary for networking professionals and other professional specialists to know about Cisco-related skills and certifications. 

    It may lead to better job opportunities or even a promotion. Point to note: the CCNA course fees will depend on your location and the type of exam. 

    The Benefits Of Cisco CCNA Certification

    Earning a Cisco certification validates your skills and knowledge in a respective field. Many companies have partnered with Cisco and so the employees have to take the certification exam to stay updated with the latest tech. 

    Therefore, if you already possess the Cisco certification, then there is probably a greater chance for you to secure a job role as compared to the other candidates. 

    To earn a Cisco certification, you must give a comprehensive exam. This exam consists of questions that test your problem-solving skills and practical knowledge. 

    Apart from industry-based development, you can take this certification for your personal development. As the axiom in IT goes, ‘Never stop learning’.

    Where to Start Your Career in Networking?

    If you are thinking of building a career in networking, there are two-entry level Cisco certifications that will help you to start in your networking career. The certificates are- CCNA and Cisco DevNet Associate Certification. 

    However, after earning these certifications, you can’t stop learning. Cisco requires you to get recertified after the expiration of your existing credentials.

    Once you have successfully earned the CCNA or/and Cisco DevNet Associate, consider these certifications the next step towards your career: 

    • CCNP Enterprise certification 
    • Cisco DevNet Professional certification

    However, these are just recommendations, but you must look at your preferences before selecting a certification. 

    What Are The Training Resources You Can Consider?

    There are several CCNA courses that can help you understand and prepare for the exams. You can rely on free online resources to help you prepare for the certification exam on your own. 

    However, if you are looking for a simplified CCNA course online with instructor-led training, hands-on lab experience along with resources, you can consider looking at the services provided by Koenig Solutions.

    They offer 1-on-1 training courses with experienced trainers and flexible dates with 4-hour time slots. You can head to the official site of Koenig to look into the course fees of CCNA. 


    The CCNA certification cost can seem small compared to the prospective salary that you might get. Earning a Cisco certification will allow you to stand out from the other candidates and increase your opportunities in the IT industry. 

    However, if you have already taken the Cisco Certification exam of CCNA, then this article will help you find the best networking role for yourself. Remember to check the expiration date of your credentials and study for your recertification exam!

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