Love the Tropics? How to Stay Safe While Playing in Humid and Sunny Locations

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Swimming up to a pool bar or hiking amongst huge rainforest trees and foliage sounds like an exotic way to spend a vacation or your retirement, but the fun must be balanced with sun-safe habits. Any tropical retreat is relatively near the Equator, making the sunlight strong and piercing. Aside from slathering on the sunscreen, keep some other safety tips in mind to stay active and healthy.

    Reflect the Sunlight

    Even if you book a luxurious resort with Outdoor Traveler, you’ll still want to venture outside for most of the trip. Don’t take those navy blue and black shirts along with you. Select white, khaki and other light colors to cover your body. Colors within this spectrum reflect sunlight, leaving you feeling cooler compared to wearing pure black. With most tropical days being sunny for 12 hours straight, your health will appreciate the cool colors protecting your skin.

    Take a Breather

    If you’re particularly sensitive to sunlight, try to schedule vacation activities in the morning or early evening. Between 10AM and 3PM, the hottest part of the day prevails as the sun is at its highest peak. Consider taking a swim in a shaded pool or read out on the patio. Your group’s individual ages also dictates your daily activities. Older and younger visitors should take it easy in the afternoon to avoid bodily stress.

    Water is a Best Friend

    Buy everyone a reusable water bottle to carry on the trip. In especially hot and humid weather, everyone should be sipping out of the bottle throughout the day. The body’s cells are mainly water, making it imperative to replenish fluids as you sweat. If you’re on a hike, for instance, fill up the bottles every chance you see. Dehydration sneaks up on people so consistent drinking simply prevents any issues from arising.

    Think Shade

    Even drinking water and venturing outside in the morning may not be enough for some sensitive travelers. Don’t let the heat negatively affect your vacation plans. Whether you’re on a beach or a nature trail, search out shady areas. Even in the tropics, shade usually creates a cooler microclimate compared to the sunny area just several feet away. It could be 10 degrees cooler in the shade. Once you’re ready to head out, the shade will have replenished your energy for more adventures ahead.

    Skin Breathes

    In hot weather, your skin evaporates sweat to cool you off. Those tight workout clothes may give you a great figure on vacation, but select lightweight and loose clothing for tropical locales. Air is able to flow under the clothing to encourage evaporation and cool body temperatures. Try to cover all your exposed skin on arms and legs as well. Air can still cool the body and you reduce the need to cover every region with sunscreen. Some lotions actually clog pores to reduce the sweating and cooling process.

    A healthy vacation also includes safe food and drink consumption. Watch both your alcohol and fattening food intake. You don’t want to overindulge and deal with the hot conditions simultaneously. This combination is often a recipe for problematic days. Enjoy your vacation with common sense by your side.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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