Local Bookies Thrive With Top-Rated Pay Per Head Services

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    The overall sports betting industry was hit hard last year when the coronavirus pandemic grounded just about every sport and sporting event in early March. The annual college basketball NCAA Tournament was cancelled and big betting events such as the Masters in golf and Kentucky Derby for horse racing had to be postponed to the fall.

    Flash forward to this spring and the sports betting industry is once again on a major upward trend. Leading the way are local bookies who bring an elevated level of customer service and attention to detail to the game. They provide a service that the big commercial sportsbooks could never match.

    One of the biggest reasons why the private bookmaking sector of the industry is booming is pay per head bookie services. Most of the top-rated pay per head sites such as Real Bookies, PayPerHead247 and A1 Price Per Head are based in Costa Rica as the home of pay per head bookie services.

    Around the same time the first offshore sportsbooks expanded their markets through an online betting platform via the internet, the pay per head industry was also launched. The primary goal was to develop the necessary software solutions to fully automate a private bookie’s business while also operating it online.

    The favorable business climate in Costa Rica set the stage for success and many of these early PPH services have been on a successful run for more than 20 years.

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    The Pay Per Head Business Model

    Most pay per head sites have adapted a simple business model that has led to their tremendous success over the years. Through the use of proprietary online gambling software solutions, they have developed a comprehensive system to automate bookmaking services while also creating an online betting platform to process daily transactions.

    A private bookie’s cost to try and duplicate the same software solutions would be prohibitively expensive. Instead, they can sign on with a pay per head site and pay as they go.

    The standard per head rate is around $10 for each active betting customer on a weekly basis. This includes everything needed to run and manage a successful bookie operation. Since the pay per head site is based in Costa Rica, there are no issues with the legality of this service.

    This country offers an excellent business environment as well as a highly motivated workforce when it comes to staffing a pay per head service. This creates the perfect win-win situation for pay per head operators and the bookie agents they represent.

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    Pay Per Head Products

    The primary role of any pay per head service is to handle the day-to-day administrative end of a bookmaking business. Through the use of cutting edge technology and sophisticated bookie software solutions, they offer an internal operating system that provides a high level of online reliability while processing daily transactions in a safe and secure manner.

    Top-rated PPH services such as Real Bookies have made the necessary investments in the products they offer to the point where their internal operating system would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online betting platforms.

    This includes an advanced mobile interface to process bets from any handheld device with internet access. Mobile wagers is the fastest growing trend in the entire sports betting industry.

    PPH products have been designed as a turnkey way to take any bookie business online. Easy site navigation along with a list of specialized business tools add even more value to a weekly pay per head plan.

    Pay Per Head Services

    Along with a comprehensive software system to run a bookie business online, pay per head offers the necessary business support though an in-house team of industry experts.

    For example, Real Bookies offers a dedicated account manager that can walk a bookie agent through the entire start-up process. In most cases, their business can be up and running online the same day they first signed on for the service.

    There is also a team of IT professionals in place to manage online operations. They are also tasked with providing regular upgrades to all the software products involved in online gambling applications. As the industry continues to evolve at an accelerated pace, it is vital that bookie agents continually remain ahead of the technology curve.

    Internal sports betting experts interact with external line setting services to provide fast and easy access to a wide variety of betting options for an expanded collection of sports and sporting events. Betting lines are delivered sharp to give a bookie agent an opportunity to build out their betting board to meet all of their customers’ needs.

    Finally, a key component of this ongoing business support is the customer service staff. Both personable and knowledgeable of the sports betting industry, they become a valuable asset for a bookie agent when it comes to one-one interactions with their betting customers.

    Modern technology has facilitated two-way communication through email, text and online chat. However, a toll-free number remains in place for a more personal interaction. This option remains available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.



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