Ligia Madrigal Reflects On Her Everest Feat and the Times When “Nobody Believed In Me”

    Ligia achieved the milestone on her second attempt. The first was last year when, with 800 meters to go to reach the summit of Everest, she decided she would not do it

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    Ligia Madrigal is aware of the feat she achieved days ago by becoming the first Costa Rican woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth.

    Since she reached 8,848 meters above sea level, this woman with jet black hair, spontaneous smile and unbreakable will has received hundreds and hundreds of congratulatory messages from friends and strangers.

    And at the press conference organized by the BAC -this Monday morning- there were more than 20 media. All eager to know the details of this trip to the Himalayas.

    Doors and more doors

    But this national attention is far from what she experienced years ago, when she ventured into high-stress sports such as ultra-marathons or when she went to three world adventure championships. This is almost three decades ago.

    In an interview, the athlete said that she knocked on many doors for support and none of them opened. And as time went by, when her name began to be heard, she received some support.

    But far from taking it with displeasure, Ligia says she feels grateful with each stage lived so far, because they allowed her to forge her character and will.The same qualities that she experienced when, on her trip to Everest, her mind tried to play tricks on her by trying to sabotage her with defeatist ideas, she says.

    A fall to remember

    Ligia achieved the milestone on her second attempt. The first was last year when, with 800 meters to go to reach the summit, she decided she would not do it.At that time the reason she argued was that her guide did not feel well, to the point that she lacked oxygen.

    “There are some things that were under my control and some things that were not. Unfortunately what prevented that last push from happening was out of my control,” she said at the time.

    What saved her life

    But in this 2024 the picture turned out differently. And this thanks to his guide (or sherpa), who even saved his life when he slipped off some stairs located to pass a cliff.The Sherpa had asked her to belay on that stretch for safety. She did it without complaining and, in the end, it was what saved her life.

    The Costa Rican fell and was suspended only by the cables. Ligia commented that she asked for help from her Sherpa, who managed to rescue her.Once she overcame this ordeal, Ligia attacked the summit – as it is known when climbers are ready to arrive – and what she experienced there is beyond description.

    Ligia said that when she reached the top of Everest she had no smiles or words. Until her guide (known as a Sherpa) told her: “Ligia, the photos”.And that’s when she reacted and took some pictures. One of them is when the Tica attacked the summit at night and managed to see the sunrise.

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