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    In these times of Pandemic, you have thought about how what has happened worldwide, has impacted you and how all this influences our environment. On March 11th, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 virus as a Pandemic, today the world exceeds 24 million infected. Various countries reflect that the death rate from the Coronavirus has increased due to high air pollution (generating respiratory failure).

    But something is happening: Has air pollution decreased due to worldwide confinement measures? Global health emergencies are frequently associated with changes in the environment as a consequence of human activities, primarily from land use modification to climate change. According to National Geographic 2020, air pollution kills 7 million people per year around the world.

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    Air pollution and its consequences…

    TCRNIn case you did not know, air pollution is a factor that can increase the possibility of suffering from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Populations in areas with high levels of air pollution are potentially exposed to suffer the worst effects when contracting this disease, since having respiratory deficiencies makes them more likely to contract the virus and their recovery is more complicated.

    Perhaps this can answer many questions … Faced with the Pandemic, it has been possible to show an incentive in the reduction of environmental pollution, since a decrease in CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions are observed, due to the fact that transportion emissions and of industries has decreased considerably. Another circumstance is the increased practice of remote working, therefore people work from home and less CO2 can be seen being emitted from vehicles and buses.

    Time for taking issue

    All this should make us think, reflect, much more in the health circumstances that the world is experiencing. And then, what will happen … Proposals must be worked on that guarantee solutions and, therefore, a more sustainable future. Humanity has lived through droughts, hurricanes, hunger and poverty, in addition to global warming, and today it is a pandemic. This is the time to motivate ourselves and others, to recycle, use clean energy, avoid deforestation, and stop polluting our air, soil and water.

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