Learn How to Correctly Include Bread in Your Diet

    A portion of this food is approximately 8 cm and provides between 80 and 100 calories

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    Bread is a food that contains fiber, protein, and minerals such as iron and calcium. According to nutrition professionals, it is low in saturated fat and provides nutrients necessary for good health.

    Dr. Carolina Villalobos, FIFCO nutritionist, explained that a portion of this food is approximately 8 cm (33 g) and provides between 80 and 100 calories, an energy content that she considers moderate.

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    “No food makes us gain weight if we consume it in moderation, what makes us gain weight is consuming more energy than we need. Bread can be an ally, the key to including it in the daily diet is choosing the size of the portion and the accompaniments,”Villalobos explained.

    Within the framework of World Bread Day, which is celebrated on October 16, the specialist shared 10 characteristics of bread:

    • Historically it has been a pillar of human nutrition due to its nutritional value, one serving provides about 100 calories, which represents 5% of the total calories that an adult needs daily.
    • Provides long-lasting energy which allows a good performance of daily activities.
    • Each 100 grams contains between 10 and 15 grams of 100% vegetable protein.
    • It is an ideal option to maintain good heart health, as it is low in saturated fat and does not contain cholesterol.
    • The variety of sweet dishes and balances that can be made with it, shows its versatility.
    • It is practical because it can be used at lunch or dinner, choosing the ingredients well.
    • When ingested it is easy to digest.
    • The taste and aroma of fresh bread provides a sensory experience.
    • The cakes, toasts, desserts, pairings and other recipes that can be made with it, encourages creativity.


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