Learn About what Negative Psychological Effects the COVID-19 Pandemic is Having on People

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    According to experts in the field, the negative psychological effects that the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving on people have increased exponentially in recent months.

    In addition, they stipulate that, despite the high number of deaths, the psychological footprint due to COVID-19 will be greater than the physical one, since the number of people affected in their mental health for fear of contracting Coronavirus will be higher than that of those really infected.

    For his part, the neuropsychiatrist and general director of the Centro de Investigaciones del Sistema Nervioso (CISNE), detailed that the most reported psychiatric symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection are insomnia, anxiety, depression, cognitive alterations, in behavior and in the state of mind.

    What are the psychological consequences of COVID-19?

    The British Psychological Society has recently published a comprehensive “Guide on satisfaction of the psychological needs of people in the process of recovery from a serious illness caused by COVID-19 Coronavirus“, in which it details pioneering clinical knowledge drawn from the experience acquired during the current pandemic, as well as the study of the psychological aspects of related diseases of cardiac and respiratory nature.

    Regarding the psychological aspects described as most common by people who have suffered COVID-19, they are anxiety, low mood, nightmares, memory disorders. It should be mentioned that these symptoms do not occur in all cases.

    Simple tips for coping with quarantine

    • Do not substantially vary your schedules (nor those of your children).
    • Dress as you normally would.
    • Follow your normal hygiene routine (don’t stop showering and cleaning daily).
    • Do some physical activity and / or exercise every day, if you can, twice a day (it does not have to be intense physical exercise, nor is it about winning in the next Olympics, just not stopping moving. You can dance, doing yoga, stretching … There are tables, videos and proposals for classes of all kinds in deferred and live on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube). You can also include the smallest members of the house.
    • If you are telecommuting, set a fixed schedule and stick to it.
    • If you are studying, keep up to date with the classes and materials that are posted on the Virtual Campus or on the platforms.
    • If you have children, follow the school’s instructions on how to continue with the educational programs and clearly establish study and play schedules.
    • If you can and feel like it, help those neighbors who, due to their vulnerable situation or because they are older, cannot go shopping or to the pharmacy.
    • Incorporate new routines adapted to prevention protocols (such as washing your hands as soon as you get home if you have been forced to leave for any reason, coughing and sneezing always into the crook of your elbow or into a disposable tissue …)
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