Learn About 5 Valentine’s Activities Distanced From Materialism

    A date to celebrate beyond social impositions

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    We are near February 14th, a very special date. We invite you to celebrate it in a unique and special way in the “Pura Vida” style and showing that on this day the true essence of love must reign. And not social or commercial impositions.

    Here we present 5 activities typical of Valentine’s Day distanced from materialism that will undoubtedly feed your soul:

    1) Feel and practice self-love.

    It has been repeatedly made known that in order to love others you must first love yourself. And although this idea seems ambiguous, it is totally true. In this case, the most important thing is that you show what you are capable of feeling for yourself.

    Spend time for yourself, time alone, try to read that book that you have not been able to read. “Do not square” your life not everything should be scheduled. Enjoy the cool morning breeze and start this time if an exercise routine appropriate to your body and lifestyle. Start by forgiving yourself and loving who you are.

    2) Visit and share with those most in need.

    In many cases, the most needy are visible to all but no one sees them. Today the overcrowding and loneliness experienced in many care homes for the elderly or orphan children are a reality that is seldom touched on these holidays such as the day of love and friendship.

    That is why we invite you to celebrate this day by visiting any of these centers to bring a little joy, good humor and happiness to these people. They will know how to thank you for every detail and an action like this will be forever anchored in their hearts. Do not think that actions like these are little thing because in these times a small solidarity action makes the difference.

    “Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the sea, but the sea would be less if it lacked a drop.” Teresa of Calcutta.

    3. Do not give flowers that will wither quickly – plant them.

    One of the most representative elements in the whole world to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to give beautiful, exotic and highly attractive flowers but in reality this is a gift with little meaning because after a few days they will wither and die .

    The most important thing in this case is that you plant a seed and take care of it until it blooms. Apart from a beautiful action, you will also be giving a great little respite to our environment.

    4. Make your contribution together with your partner.

    It is extremely important and more in these times that we live to help collaborate and put ourselves in the place of the other. For this it is essential to check your closet and remove all those clothes that you no longer use and that are only occupying unnecessary space in your rapper.

    Once you have carried out this action with your partner, friends or family, select everything that is in good condition and take care of giving it to people in need. They will always be grateful for this beautiful action.

    5. Turn your space into a place where love reigns.

    It is not necessary to go out to luxurious restaurants or be with a couple this day to celebrate it. The most important thing is that the essence of love is maintained and you know how to handle it.

    In this particular case, involve your partner if you have one or friends and why not family members and prepare an unforgettable dinner together at home that does not have to envy anything from luxurious restaurants. Reinvent yourself, be happy and live the true essence of love.

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