Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
San Jose [TCRN] – Lady Gaga, is the superstar of social networking on traditional social networks like Facebook or Twitter and now the artist has just launched its own platform, “Little Monsters”, in homage to the nickname with regard to followers.

The site, which was presented yesterday with the message “Welcome home, little monsters” will allow fans to share news, drawings and photographs, and chat with each other.
The controversial artist was the first to reach 20 million followers on Twitter and, three months later, she has outdone herself by becoming the first person to reach over 25 million followers.

Lady Gaga has over 52 million supporters with a profile seventh most popular Facebook.

In June 2012, is was reported by most Costa Rica newspapers that the superstar was booked for a concert in San Jose Costa Rica, confirmed by a representative of the Costa Rican Institute of Sport (ICODER). Tentative dates for Lady Gaga to perform at the National Stadium in San Jose Costa Rica were to be on November 2 to 4, 2012

But while rumors of the concert still abound for a 2012 appearance there has not yet been a confirmation date on the official Lady Gaga site.

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