LA RUTA CYCLING Competition Confirms Luxury Female Participation in Costa Rica

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     The 29th edition of La Ruta promises great emotions in all its categories, the women’s category, for example, is one of those that shows a significant participation of both national and international athletes.

     This prestigious MTB competition will take place between November 30 and December 2. It should be noted that this year La Ruta will be held for the first time in its history with a radical change in its route, since in 2023 it begins in the Caribbean and ends in the Pacific.

    Completely different sporting strategy and logistics

     This completely changes the sporting strategy and logistics of the close race.On the third day, La Siesta will take place. This competition is designed for people who want to be part of La Ruta, but whose preparation is not yet ideal to endure the three stages.

     Among the national representatives of the female category, Cristel Espinoza stands out, defending champion of La Ruta 2022 and who promises to be a very high-performance rival. “The preparation to participate in La Ruta is very special and demanding, this competition is very tough and after my win in 2022, I want to do a good job this year, I know that there is a very good competitive level and for that reason I have been preparing for several months,” said Espinoza.

    European participation

     For its part, La Ruta, confirms the participation of the Spanish athlete AriadnaRodenas, who has been Champion of the Valencian Community, has won major national competitions in Spain such as Ultra Marathon the Gigante de Piedra or the Titan de La Mancha, and also adds to her winners of the European Ultra Marathon MTB Runners-up in Viella and two wins in the Titan Desert in Morocco.

     “Having Ariadna’s participation has us very excited, not only because of her high sporting level, but also because being a pro athlete, we will have much more visibility as a country and competition, we are sure that this opens important doors for 2024 when Let’s have our 30th edition of La Ruta,” explained RománUrbina, founder of La Ruta.

     “For this year we expect 250 competitors in La Ruta and 100 in La Siesta, for a total of 350-400 participants, right now we are already around 300 participants and there are still a few registrations left,” said Urbina.

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    Awards for everyone

    As also relevant information, it is confirmed that this year the cash awards will not only be for the elites but also for the age categories:

    • Elite Men and Women

    1st place $6 thousand

    2nd place $1,500

    3rd place $1 thousand

    4th place $500

    • Awards by age: (19-29 years)

    1st place $750

    2nd place $200

    3rd place trophy

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