Jade Museum of Costa Rica Highlights the Contributions of Women to Our Country

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    The Jade Museum, located in San José, highlights the contribution of women in Costa Rican society with its temporary exhibition Costa Rican Female Imprint 1821-2021, a journey through 200 years of history.

    On the occasion of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Costa Rica, the museum displays this work composed of a chronological, non-formal arrangement of the biographies of a group of Costa Rican women, representing thousands, who throughout 2 centuries have contributed.

    For the authorities, each of them from their area, promoted the country to be more just, democratic, representative and diverse. In addition to their biographies, objects are exhibited that symbolically represent the essence of the personal and particular work of some of them.

    “The exhibition does not try to cover the different roles that women have played in all the space-time contexts of Costa Rica, but the nomination of a representative group that we hope will set the tone, to reflect on many other women who should also have been in the exhibition and that in the same way are part of the feminine potential of our society”, explained the Jade Museum in the presentation of the work.

    Among some of the women in the exhibition are Claudia Poll, representative of the national sport and the first woman in Latin America to obtain a gold medal in the swimming competition at an Olympic event.

    Thelma Curling, the first woman of African descent to reach the Legislative Assembly to hold the position of deputy, is also highlighted. Her law degree allowed her to have a long career as a defender of women’s political rights and Afro-Caribbean culture in the country.

    The work seeks to be a tribute to all Costa Rican women and women of other nationalities who have contributed every day in many different ways in the struggles to claim to be present in all spaces as people and citizens.

    Show more the fight for gender equality in art museums

    Art museums mainly exhibit works by men, something that is hardly noticed in Switzerland. The exhibition Feminine Imprint Costa Rica 1821-2021, will be open to the public until August 2022.

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