This Month the “Electric Route San José-Panama City” Will Be Inaugurated

    A Central American Eco-milestone

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    A person will perfectly be able to drive from San José to Panama City in an electric vehicle and not have a range of anxiety, since both countries, with public-private investment, installed chargers along the route so as not to have charging problems.

    This was confirmed by Silvia Rojas, executive director of the Costa Rican Electric Mobility Association (Asomove), who carry out the inaugural trip together with representatives of the association, on a route of more than 900 kilometers, leaving November 29th from San José and arrive in Panama city on Saturday, December 4th. In Panama they will be at various fairs and exhibitions to unite the “Channelers” with the Tico experience in this area.

    Symbolic date

    They chose precisely to make the inaugural route the same week as the celebration of the abolition of the army in Costa Rica to send the same message but this time to abolish the use of oil.

    “The electricity that is going to feed the charging network is renewable, in Panama they feed them with solar plants and wind energy, so not only is the car zero emissions that does not pollute but it will be charged with renewable energy”, said Rojas.

    Growing as a region

    In Costa Rica there are already three Electric Routes: La Fortuna, Monteverde and Nosara. Now, the country is joining forces with Panama to boost the electricity market in the isthmus. “If Central America is fine, then manufacturers are going to bring more electric models that suit people, the market and supply are boosted and we grow as a region,” she added.

    At the moment, the last semi-fast charging points on the Panamanian side are being finished, but everything will be ready for the inaugural route. To find out where these chargers are located, you can use the Plug Share website or app.

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