“Jacó Impact” Continues Adding Support Through Beach And River Cleaning

    The initiative to keep our nature clean is exemplary today, the idea will always be to take care of our planet and create awareness in our communities ...

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    Costa Rica and its people, the truth is that they never cease to amaze us by their initiatives, their desire to give continuity to the care of our planet, to keep our beaches and rivers clean, in short, every space full of nature. The best of all is that in each activity the contribution increases, because people are adding their support.

    “Jacó Impact” leading organization in ecological advances

    For four years, the Jacó Impact Social Movement has changed the way of thinking and acting of a large part of the people of Constance who live in the coastal town (Jacó). Its representative Yorgina Ureña, as a prepared woman and also a professional surfer, has led activities in areas such as: Environmental (with cleaning of beaches and rivers), cigarette butt collection campaigns and recycling workshops). So much so, that they have made surfboards with cigarette butts and plastic caps, how about that?

    She also works with the education area, teaching free English classes for the children of Jacó, tutorials in different subjects, knowledge of important dates and school supplies collection campaign. As an athlete, Ureña promotes it through Jacó Impact, like carrying out surfing championships.

    How to forget the wellness area?

    It is here where the yoga and meditation classes have been very popular and also, the nutrition and self-care workshops. Yorgina, or Yor as they call her in Jacó, has authentically integrated people with disabilities. It is worth noting that the most characteristic of Jacó Impact is teamwork, solidarity and attention for everything related to the community.

    Recent activities

    Jacó Impact in conjunction with organizations such as Vida Azana, Buena Nota Hostel, Jacó Walk and Jacó Surf Experience, carried out a clean-up of the beach and other areas of the community, where they collected approximately 25 kilos of garbage and 1,000 cigarette butts.

    The activity had the participation of 40 volunteers, all of them with the purpose of always giving the natural essence of the Costa Rican way of being. “The reality”, Ureña says, “will always be that you must have a sense of belonging, even if we do not all live in the same community, the purpose is to maintain order, cleanliness, love and cultural value”.

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