Is It Possible to Function Serenely, Efficiently, and Fluidly In A World Of Stress?

    Through an international workshop, the expert Antonio Mulero will help his attendees to control stress

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    The Kokoro Bienestar and Presente Continuo organizations will hold a workshop on May 7th and 8th, 2022, which will be held for the first time in Costa Rica. The International Workshop “Integral Process of the 3Ts – Transpersonal Therapeutic Theater” is face-to-face and seeks through consciousness, that we can free ourselves and transform the experiences and emotions that cause us discomfort.

    The facilitator will be the expert Carrasco who is the creator of the methodology “The Integral Process of The 3Ts”. He is a theatrical and systemic therapist, a transpersonal therapist trained at the Spanish School of Transpersonal Development EDT where he was part of the teaching team for seven years. He is also a Mindfulness consultant and Meditation Instructor at the Miguel de Cervantes European University, as well as an expert in Gestalt Therapy trained in EMTG.

    Mulero is also trained in Video-Therapy by the hand of its creator Olga Rueda. He has worked on Family Constellations with Joan Garriga and has been a student of acting teacher Juan C. Corrazza, an actor and theater director with a long career.

    Presence generates attention

    Mulero combines individual therapy and teamwork focused on personal development and the awakening of consciousness. According to Mulero, the Integral Process of the 3Ts, gives the opportunity, in a safe and quiet space, from play and kindness, to become aware and give voice to the most unknown inner characters, to release and integrate pending emotions and to give light to unresolved conflicts. All this in order to enable the awakening of hitherto unknown potentials. Presence generates attention, attention generates consciousness, and through it a deep and transforming light arises that liberates us.

    For Mulero from Kokoro Bienestar, “we live immersed in a life model that seems to lead us to function in our day-to-day at a very high rate. Efficiently coping with a multitude of tasks and commitments within our working world is the order of the day, and also, in many cases, dealing with the cultivation of our personal relationships, the education of our children, and many more aspects of our lives that request our attention and management”.

    Controlling stress

    Given the stress and anxiety generated in recent times, especially by Covid-19, very possibly we are currently experiencing these sensations. That is why, through Presente Continuo and its methodology in TeatroTerapeuticoTranspersonal, it is discovered how stress arises.

    When it is believed that the necessary resources are not available to deal with a circumstance that is perceived as “threatening”, the body naturally reacts by hyper-activating itself psychically and physiologically in order to deal with said situation.

    “Once again, living from the lack of attention to our own thoughts and emotions, people let ourselves be dragged by them, and when we automatically perceive that “that” what we have to face, is a threat that we do not we cannot and do not know how to deal with it, reveals Mulero.

    It is then that we submerge ourselves in the vicious circle of “stress and anxiety”, a subjective and automatic stress that in many cases is not justified by the reality of the present moment. The erroneous perception that our thoughts and emotions lead us to if we are not really attentive, is the main cause of our daily stress and anxiety.

    This is where the Power of the Transpersonal Therapeutic Theatre comes into action creating different safe scenarios where we can raise the curtain, and with courage and kindness, consciously give life to everything that needs to be lived from the game, the simplicity, the joy and tenderness that over and over again he proposes to us that girl or boy who lives strongly inside us.

    For more information about the workshop, write to [email protected]

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