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    Many times we feel a constant pressure to which we submit ourselves either in the workplace or in social relationships, in addition to the climate of tension in the country, pushing us to suffer some form of anxiety. The degree and symptoms vary depending on the vulnerability of the person and the help we are receiving to improve these levels of anxiety.

    The psychiatrist, Paul Sánchez refers to anxiety as an emotion or feeling that is unpleasant (such as anger or sadness), any human being can experience this feeling in certain life situations, for example in the face of events that compromise our life. Integrity or even that of our loved ones.

    However, when said emotion becomes recurrent, appears without a trigger, or even when it compromises the normal functioning of an individual, we say that we are in the presence of an anxiety disorder.

    According to the World Health Organization, 14% is the approximate prevalence of anxiety disorders in the world population, making it a fairly frequent condition, which in turn generates other complications such as insomnia, chronic pain, and substance abuse, among others.

    An anxiety disorder is diagnosed when a person:

    Has an extreme response (for example, very fear) to a situation

    Can’t control your reaction Alters his way of life due to anxiety (for example, does not go out, avoids talking or eating in public, etc.)

    It is important to pay attention to the symptoms to prevent the person who suffers from suffering more severe attacks.

    Anxiety disorders are very common and there are effective treatments. With proper treatment, people who suffer from it can learn to better manage and control their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

    Not all disorders are the same.

    According to the psychiatrist, anxiety disorders are grouped into a duck spectrum in which the most important aspect is precisely the presence of anxiety or anguish. Within this group, pathological such as:

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A generalized anxiety disorder, also called GAD, is a disorder that results in you experiencing constant anxiety. There are specific forms of phobia in which anxiety manifests itself in a single situation or a single area of ​​life.

    In generalized anxiety disorder, it is then about different situations or events. In a word, your anxiety is more generalized and consequently, you will be constantly anxious. People with a generalized anxiety disorder are continually anxious and worried.

    Panic disorder: Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder in which the affected person suffers repeated sudden attacks of terror in the absence of external stimuli that can trigger them.

    In the face of this type of pathology, it is best to try to lead a healthy life away from problems that can generate stress. A condition that could aggravate this situation in different aspects.

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