Illegal Fishing in the North Pacific of Costa Rica Is Combated

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    As part of its mission to protect the marine ecosystems of the North Pacific and promote the rational exploitation of fishing resources during this year, the National Coast Guard Service and the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) removed more than 29 square kilometers of illegal fishing gear.

    In a press release from the Ministry of Public Security, Commander Pastor Reyes, director of the Puerto Mora Coast Guard Station, located in the district of Santa Elena de La Cruz, Guanacaste, indicated that said police unit has been working in an articulated manner with the communities, as well as with SINAC, the Border Police and the Public Force.

    As a result of these efforts to conserve marine-coastal biodiversity, in addition to supporting responsible fishing, in 2022 the authorities have made discoveries and seizures of more than 29 thousand square meters of illegal trammel nets.

    These nets were threatening juvenile specimens, that is, without any commercial interest, so they would later be discarded, in addition to being used in protected areas where fishing is not allowed.

    Similarly, 6 artisanal fishing pangas and a longline-type commercial fishing boat were seized, while 6 suspected of illegal fishing were arrested and referred to the order of the Public Ministry.

    The most recent police action took place last week in Santa Elena Bay, where six crew members were arrested for not having permits to fish in that responsible management area, so the 2 boats in which they were carrying out fishing tasks they were seized.

    The detainees were placed under the order of the Liberian Prosecutor’s Office, a judicial instance before which they are being prosecuted for the crime of illegal fishing.

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