ICT will Grant “Safe Travel” Seal to Companies, Chambers and Associations that Comply with Protocols

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    The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) authorized the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT)to be the entity in charge of granting the Safe Travel Seal to companies, associations and chambers of the Costa Rican tourism industry that adequately comply with the implementation of the 16 health protocols developed in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it will also extend the authorization to the tourism chambers and associations to grant it to their member companies.

    The ICT met the stipulated requirements to be the issuer of the Seal that it received at the end of July under the category “Public Authorities of Destination” and will now be able to sub-license it.

    “A little over two months ago we received the Safe Travels Seal as the leading institution for tourism in Costa Rica for the development of 16 sanitary protocols and we immediately took the next step, which was to start the process to sub-license Costa Rican tourism companies and promote the use of the Seal as a signal for national and foreign travelers that the place where they are staying or visiting complies with the protocols against COVID-19, in addition to promoting the use of masks, hand washing and physical distancing”, Said Gustavo Alvarado, Director of Tourism Management of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

    In addition to our country, destinations such as Panama, Aruba, Portugal, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Dubai, Turkey, Croatia, Tunisia, Colombia, the Philippines, as well as emblematic tourist cities such as Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, Cancun; among other more than one hundred destinations in the world, use the Safe Travels Seal.

    The Seal is a free tourist promotion tool for all companies that want to opt for a badge that demonstrates commitment and responsibility in the fight against COVID-19 and allows the tourist to recognize that in that establishment the hygiene and health protocols for the care of the Pandemic are being followed.

    For the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura, that the ICT and Costa Rica have the Safe Travels Seal is a tremendous pride to be recognized as a safe destination that has more than 16 health protocols for tourist activities. “This recognition reinforces the international image of Costa Rica as a tourist destination that fortunately still stands very robust”, concluded the tourism chief.

    Requirements to obtain the Safe Travel Seal

    The ICT will grant the Safe Travel Seal to tourism companies and tourism chambers and associations, the latter two may sub-license it with their associates. The procedure will be done digitally on the site:

    Modality for Tourist Companies

    All tourism companies that have an operating permit and commercial patent may use the Seal freely and free of charge, provided they comply with the protocols developed by the ICT and carry out the application process accepting the terms and conditions.

    The steps to be followed by companies are as follows:

    1. The employer ensures that he fully complies with the application of the protocol (s) corresponding to the activity (s) he performs.

    2. You must carefully read the Terms and Conditions to request the use of the Seal.

    3. You must apply and complete a Self-Assessment Guide in your company

    4. You must complete an Affidavit.

    5. You must fill out a form in which you must upload: the sanitary operating permit, the commercial patent, the self-assessment guide (corresponding to point 3), the sworn statement (corresponding to point 4) and accept the terms and conditions.

    The entrepreneur sends the form with the requested documentation and the ICT Tourism Management Department will attend to the request, analyze it and issue the Approval Letter for use of the Seal via email, along with the kit of materials and logos for use of the Seal. The ICT reserves the right to visit the company in order to verify compliance and application of hygiene and health protocols.

    Modality for Associations and Chambers:

    The ICT will grant the endorsement so that the Associations and Chambers of the sector can extend the use of the Seal to their affiliates following the steps included in the Services section of the site:

    1. The Chamber will be asked to carefully review the Terms and Conditions.

    2. Complete the application form.

    3. The Management Department will attend to the request, send the documentation for the use of the Safe Travels seal, and the extension process to its members or affiliated companies via email, together with the kit for using the Seal.

    The use that the Association / Chamber makes of the Seal will be based on a precise and honest conclusion that the affiliates fully comply with the application of the relevant Protocols to their activity, are formal companies and have evidenced before the chamber, its legal company constitution and its economic activity, will comply with the terms and conditions, will apply the protocol self-evaluation guide and will present the sworn statement that supports the above.

    “Safe Travels” is the first global seal on safety and hygiene for Travel and Tourism, designed by the WTTC in response to COVID-19 and similar outbreaks. It is free and is not a certification.

    The Seal will allow tourists and other interest groups to recognize destinations and companies in the world that implement health and hygiene protocols aligned with the WTTC “Safe Travels” protocols and local health authorities. The companies that use it have confirmed that they have applied and guarantee continued compliance with the protocols.

    The application for the use of the Seal is available to all tourist companies in the country, it is not linked to any other ICT program and as a promotional badge it will allow us to regain the confidence of tourists in our destinations.

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