The Costa Rican Tourism Institute Reinforces the “Wellness Pura Vida” Strategy to Position our Country as a Place to “Improve Physical and Mental Health”

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute Reinforces the Wellness Pura Vida Strategy to Position our Country as a Place to Improve Physical and Mental Health.jpg

Free courses taught by international wellness tourism experts and consultants were highlighted this past week on the Costa Rican Tourism Institute “ICT Capacita” digital platform. The objective was to generate new business ideas, improve current ones, give advice and recommendations to entrepreneurs interested in this segment of the tourism market.

During the past years, Costa Rica has made efforts to position itself as a unique destination to enjoy wellness tourism in the “Wellness Pura Vida” style and, precisely, reconnection with nature, the search for the essentials and recharging the batteries, contributing to the physical and mental health will be attractive for national tourists, as well as for international tourists when they can return to our country.

The courses, organized by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) were available on the platform. The series of talks in English and Spanish is made up of 11 videos with updated information from experts. Content includes from the basic principles of Wellness, the available Wellness resources in Costa Rica, promotion strategies, a brushstroke on the European and American markets, the design of experiences and products, the maximization of resources, the systematization of tasks and the difference between spa and wellness.

TourismInternational experts that provided exclusive content for “ICT Capacita” included Lászlo Puczkó, Associate Director of the Wellness tourism consulting firm “Resources for Leisure Assets”. In a series of thematic webinars, Puczkó developed the Wellness Tourism Strategy course as the main theme. 

Other experts were César Tejedor, from the company “Massage Around The World” and Lynn Curry, representative of the company “Resources for Leisure Assets”, who shared a virtual presentation in two modules entitled Spa Design and Spa Feasibility and Financials.

According to Melissa Tencio, in charge of the “ICT’s Wellness Pura Vida” strategy, “In these moments of crisis we must take more advantage of the professional potential, the tourist and natural infrastructure of our country to give added value and differentiate the country`s current tourism offer”. Tencio added that the institution wishes to contribute to the strengthening of this segment to position Costa Rica as a comprehensive destination that mixes wellness, nature and adventure as a unique experience.

To complement this presentation dedicated to Wellness Tourism, training was also be carried out on health protocols for the prevention of COVID-19, generated jointly by the public and private sectors.

VIAHéctor Méndez
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