How to Create Optimal and Warm Study Spaces at Home

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    With the arrival of a new school year and in a world where remote learning and completing academic tasks at home have become an integral part of education, it is essential to create home study environments that drive academic success and promote student well-being.

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    Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), in a recent technical report, pointed out the importance of having adequate study and work spaces at home, to avoid damage if measures are not taken.

    Having a study space at home goes beyond providing basic books and materials. Factors such as the chair, desk, lighting and other elements play a crucial role in academic performance and health.

    EPA home advisors, mentions some of the recommendations to consider:

    • Chairs and desks: Choosing ergonomic chairs and desks is essential to maintaining proper posture and preventing long-term back problems. Furniture designed for comfort and health contributes to concentration and focus during study hours.
    • Adequate lighting: natural light is always preferable, but when there is not much of it, artificial light is essential. Good lighting reduces eye strain, creates an environment conducive to concentration and helps academic performance. Therefore, a lamp will always be of great help for this space.
    • Organization and Quick Access: Maintaining an organized study space makes it easy to find and quickly access books, notebooks, and study materials. Shelving and organizers can be instrumental in creating a distraction-free environment.
    • Lunch boxes: It is important to have lunch boxes and bottles for students to carry healthy food and water, which will give them the energy to concentrate and perform at their best.

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