Create an Impactful Resume and Capture Employers’ Attention

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    The curriculum has always played a decisive role when it comes to finding a job, as it is the cover letter of the candidates for the position. However, due to the economic crisis and lack of employment that increased with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is no longer enough to include in that document the knowledge and experience that each person has, but it is necessary to go a step further and design a resume that creates impact on employers.

    How to achieve that among so many resumes that contractors receive, the one you send is the one that captures their attention? How do you get called for an interview when there are so many other people who also meet the academic requirements to perform in a certain position?

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    Luigina Campos, an image consultant, affirms that the key is the impact that the resume generates. “It is an intangible asset that will affect the employer’s decision. This resume should invite reading and make whoever observes it say “I am interested in interviewing this person because it offers something interesting and different,” said Campos.

    Recommendations to consider

    According to the image consultant, to create an impactful curriculum, the first thing to do is include the precise content: personal data, introductory paragraph with main skills and differentiators, experience, education, complementary studies, certifications, languages ​​and references. These must follow the same order and must be separated by a title.

    In the case of studies and experience, you always have to start with the most recent courses or positions, while in the case of skills it is necessary to highlight them and make an assessment of each one of them.

    Afterwards, the resume must be given an orderly and clean format, which is achieved with the proper organization of ideas and with a letter that facilitates reading, so you should never use italic typeface. Campos recommends that the design of the resume should also reflect the personality and qualities of the job applicant.

    “If a person is applying for a creative position, the resume must have a dynamic format and with bright colors, contrary to what happens with the resume of a candidate for an accounting position, in which sobriety, the balanced lines and sober colors are substantial elements”, explains Campos.

    Another recommendation is that a resume with a modern, clean and orderly design helps to project security, knowledge and proactivity, qualities that are necessary in every profession.

    The image consultancy recommends opting for clear and concise resume formats and those presented in two columns, as they more easily capture the attention of employers. “The resumes that are presented in text format followed (and not in two columns) look cluttered and do not invite to read them,” she explains. Finally, Campos advises that the applicant for the position include a photograph that evidences his coherence and strengthens his professional credibility.


    Details that make the difference

    Before making the curriculum, it is advisable for each person to carry out an analysis of their strengths, opportunities and weaknesses, as this allows them to be certain of what qualities they have and which are useful for their work. In addition, it helps you to notice which are the weaknesses that you must work to improve in your professional performance.

    When it comes to putting the names of the people of reference on the resume, it is preferable to choose to include former bosses or people who hold positions of higher rank, because, for the contractors, what these people say about an applicant has a lot more weight than what his family or friends can express,” says Campos.

    Also, it is worth mentioning that clear writing and good spelling are an essential part of creating an impactful resume, since bad writing or misspellings create a bad impression. As a final point, the consultant recommends that the resume have a maximum length of two pages.

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