Commercial and Productive Sector of Pérez Zeledón Calls for the end of Blockades

The productive and commercial sector of Pérez Zeledón made a call to the people who continue to demonstrate to lift the blockades. “We believe that the situation has gotten out of control, there is a loss of objectives and we urge the competent authorities to lift the blockades,” said the Chamber of Commerce, Tourism, Industry, and Agriculture of Pérez Zeledón in official communication.

As a result of the blockades in the South Zone, a company has suspended contracts for people who have been affected by the demonstrations. This is how the detrimental impact on employment and the commercial flow of export, import, supply products, first emergency response vehicles, and the population, in general, is reflected. Despite the opening to dialogue that the Government of the Republic has marked, the southern part of the country continues to be affected.

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The main routes of the country: 1, 27, 32, Interamericana Norte, the North Biological Corridor, and the Costanera are with the normalized passage. According to the Police Force, the only blockades are in the southern part of the country.

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