Himalayan Salt Has More Health Benefits Than Just in Cooking

    Himalayan Salt Lamps provide a variety of health benefits

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    Himalayan salt lamps bring that warm, soothing glow of a campfire right into your home.  They bring so much more than that as they are also beneficial to your health and well-being.

    These lamps are large, solid blocks of Himalayan Salt with a small bulb located inside the block.  They can also be designed as beautiful baskets of salt crystals, also with a small bulb located inside the basket.  Once you choose the design and size you prefer, salt lamps can last for decades before needing to be replaced.  They have become relatively popular, not only for the lovely glow they bring to your home space, but also for the health benefits.

    Salt lamps are considered to be negative ion generators.  Negative ions occur naturally and are always present.  Even more so during lightning storms, and around running water such as waterfalls, oceans, beaches and rivers.  How many times have you returned from a walk on the beach feeling so refreshed, or after an amazing storm felt so revitalized?  Negative ions released in a storm or through running water increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which then results in greater alertness, reduces drowsiness, and enhances mental energy.  Now you know why you feel better and more alive.

    While enjoying some time in nature is the best way to get exposure to these beneficial negative ions, that is not always possible in the hectic city life most people live.  When used over time, salt lamps generate small amounts of negative ions in your living space. Electronic devices such as computers, microwaves, televisions, and even vacuum cleaners generate positive ions, and these are known to intensify health problems such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and allergies.  Negative ions bond with the positive ions found in your home or work space, and therefore cleanse the air.

    There are other benefits, some health related and some that simply make you feel good.

    Scientific studies have shown that our body is affected differently by different colors of light.  For instance, the color blue can interfere with circadian rhythms, and this will affect your sleep hormones.  Many of the appliances we commonly use in our homes give off that blue light, such as computers, tablets, cell phones, and televisions.  Consider that many people watch one or more of these devices at night, and this can result in sleep disorders.  Salt lamps give off a soft, warm, orange color, and is a much better light source at night without affecting sleep patterns.

    Salt lamps, when used regularly, give off a small amount of heat that attracts water vapors that are always present in the air.  Which is why it often appears that a salt lamp sweats, and may even be damp in humid climates.  These water vapors can carry health concerns such as allergens, bacteria, and even mold in humid climates.  As salt naturally attracts water vapors, salt lamps can attract these potentially disease-laden water vapors.  Then the heat generated by the lamp simply evaporates the air, and in that way, cleanses the air.  Those who suffer from allergies have found regular use of salt lamps to be very beneficial for this reason.

    For those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), that soft, orange color is one of the primary colors used in therapy to help in boosting mood disorders, as well as energy levels.  Regularly using salt lamps in your living or work spaces can assist in improving your mood, and increasing your mental focus.

    In choosing your own Himalayan Salt Lamp, consider these features:

    • Dark Orange Color – the darker the color, the higher quality the salt.  But be sure the lamp specifies that it is 100% Himalayan salt as there are lower quality imitations made from lower quality salt.
    • Size  – sometimes bigger is better.  The larger the size of the salt lamp, the greater the effects in the room.  A general rule of thumb when determining what size is best for your room is one pound of salt for a 4×4 space.  But as smaller lamps are less costly, the other option is to use 1-2 lamps in smaller rooms and 3-4 lamps in those larger rooms.
    • Rough Surface – the rougher the surface on the lamp, the more it can attract those always present water vapors.  While smooth and polished lamps may look ‘prettier’, those lamps with a rougher surface actually bring greater health benefits and improve over-all air quality.
    • Bulb – to gain the best results, the lamp must radiate a small degree of heat.  The heat is generated by the bulb used, so it is vital to use a heat-producing bulb.  Which is why it is important not to use any of the new LED bulbs as they do not generate heat.

    Nature is still the very best place to spend time in those healing negative ions, especially around water.  But Himalayan Salt Lamps can help if you can’t get into nature as much as you would like.  They provide benefits from the best use of color to help your moods and energy, cleanse the air for those suffering from allergies, and help soothe your nerves to get ready for a good night sleep.

    Contact Us for more information on other health remedies to improve your over-all quality of life.

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