5 Healthy Mindset Keys For a Successful Move to Costa Rica

Begin with a HEALTHY MINDSET and the rest will flow from there!

I’m sure you get the “successful” part, but what exactly does it mean to have a “healthy mindset” when planning the move abroad? Shouldn’t it all be relatively straightforward? Well yes, and no. There are certain things you may want to pay special attention to before daring to take the leap. Most specifically, things to consider about your self  to ensure sure success. Check out these five very important “healthy mindset keys” of aspiring expats, and explore your own thoughts as you go along. Are you ready to make a happy, healthy, successful move to gorgeous Costa Rica?

MINDSET KEY #1 – You know you’re “leaping” for healthy reasons

Why exactly are you willing to leave everything you know – everyone you knowto venture to another country significantly different than anything you’ve ever known?

Truth be told, for many this life-changing move is born out of an urgent need to flee the negatives of one’s home country.  Whether they be political, financial, medical, moral or otherwise. After all, it can be very tempting to want to get the heck out of Dodge at times, right?

But as the saying goes, great changes are about going toward something ~ in this case, hungrily seeking out a fantastic new life. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work for those solely trying to escape because they’ll never be able to appreciate the broad and beautiful depth of their new country. What about you? Is it a thrill to you to know you’re just steps away from incredibly, amazing, novel experiences, exploration and discovery? Now those are definitely healthy reasons to head out to breathtaking Costa Rica!

MINDSET KEY #2 – You have a healthy appreciation for the country and its culture

The beauty is that today you can find out just about everything you need, and want to know about any country you’re considering. Whether online or in books, you’re sure to get a good “feel” for its strengths, and possibly, even some of its challenges. I remember receiving Erin Van Rheenan’s 2004 version of “Living Abroad Costa Rica” as a gift from my secretary when she learned that we were beginning to dream of the move in 2006. That book quickly became our “dream destination bible.” Through it, we learned about Costa Rica’s simplicity, its incredible natural beauty, and the gentle ways of its people. After reading that guide and additional sources, we’d not only developed a healthy appreciation for Costa Rica, but were also able to pinpoint the exact area we wanted to be in. We couldn’t wait to get there. And now by reading The Costa Rica News, you are definitely off to a great start as well!

MINDSET KEY #3 – You’re able to say healthy good-byes

Now that’s the tough one. For as much as friends and family want to see you happy, more than a few are apt to question your sanity and beg you to stay. Here you are, so elated that you just can’t wait to get on that plane, yet your emotions are being tugged from all directions. The good news is that nowadays you really don’t have to say good-bye at all.  Only “see you later!”

So much has changed since the days without internet. Way back in 1983 when I’d left the country for the first time to work in Guatemala, the only connection to “home” was letter-writing and an iffy postal service that took months to deliver anything (if ever).  I often felt isolated and lonely, most especially at the beginning.  But now there are Skype and FaceTime telephone and video call programs, emails, Facebook, and more.  So get ready to calm your fears (and those around you), and say a healthy “see you later!”.  You may just “see” everyone more often than ever!

MINDSET KEY #4 – You have an open mind and healthy attitude

One exciting aspect of moving overseas is that you get to embrace life as it’s lived “on the other side of the pond”. Will all of those things be perfect and wonderful?  I’m afraid not ~ we all know that no place is an absolute paradise. So while you’re bound to benefit from healthy doses of incredible wonder and ecstasy, you can expect those things to be tempered with situations requiring you to seriously adjust and adapt your “world view” at times. That’s just the way it is.  Armed with an open mind and a healthy attitude, however, you really will come to thrive in your new life, minor blemishes and all.

MINDSET KEY #5 – You’ve got a healthy respect for funky critters!

Alright, so I couldn’t leave this one out. If you’re considering a move anywhere near the Costa Rican jungle, this one’s a must. The magnificent diversity of snakes, insects, animals, and birds are sure to fill your everyday life in ways un-imagined – both amazing and otherwise.

By virtue of planning on living at the outer edges of the Osa Peninsula rain forest, I knew I’d have to face my most unhealthy, immobilizing fear of snakes beforehand. As luck would have it, a friend led me to a local psychologist familiar with a unique therapy called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  According to www.helpguide.org, EMDR “helps you process and evaluate your thoughts and feelings about a trauma.”  While I didn’t exactly see my fear as “trauma”, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it out. After only two sessions, boy, did it ever work. Okay, so I never went so far as to develop any kind of love for the slithery creatures, but it certainly went a long way in helping me to handle every encounter with them exceptionally well.

No doubt, it’s easy to come to enjoy the many unique marvels of Costa Rica. Whether it’s waking up to the startling bark of howler monkeys welcoming each new day at dawn, getting out the magnifying glass to inspect the wild and often vibrantly colored funky insects, or simply tracking the majestic macaws sailing overhead.  You quickly learn what a privilege it is to be part of it all. Even watching the gecko lizards scamper up our walls, and having bats join us on the terrace at dusk can be amusing. Whether just visiting or living with them, you’ll definitely gain a healthy respect for a whole range of new critters in this exceptional country!

Now I’m sure you’ve noticed that THE COSTA RICA NEWS offers many intriguing articles on a wide variety of health topics for you to enjoy. Simply add these 5 Healthy Mindset Keys to your repertoire as well.  Soon you’ll be making a happy, healthy, and successful move to beautiful Costa Rica like so many before you. Here’s to your own exciting journey!

WRITTEN BY:  Trish La Placa, www.aspiretoretireabroad.com

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