Guided Tours, Meetings and Conversations: Enjoy the Special Exhibition of Artflowin San Jose

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    On the occasion of World Art Day, the Artflow art gallery, recognized and consolidated in the region, inaugurated a special exhibition with the participation of 14 artists with a medium and advanced career. Visitors will be able to enjoy installations, photography, large-format painting, sculpture, weaving, textile art, watercolor, drawing, glass fusion, among other mixed techniques.In addition, they can participate in guided tours, meetings and conversations.

    Textures of a blog: everyday narrative installations

    “Textures of a blog: everyday narrative installations” invites you to forget that you are not in a room, but rather in a world of chromatic and narrative relationships.This was achieved because the artists had to know the space in which they were going to place the work; that is, the work was created with the space, not for the space or in the space, rather they were confidants.

    A journey of discovery and exploration

    “The process of holding an artistic exhibition is a journey of discovery and exploration; It is not just about putting art objects next to each other. The relationship between a work of art and the space in which it is placed is a symbiosis”, commented Karen Clachar, director of Artflow.

    For this exhibition, Artflow worked closely with the artists to achieve a carefully curated and museographed show, reflecting their painstaking work together.“The work of art makes us forget that there is a simple wall, the installation works in the same way, it makes use of the physical space to transform it into a sensory and metaphysical space in which the viewer’s body is part of the spatial relationships.

    Of course, not every exhibition achieves these goals, since mounting a work of art is a creative practice in itself; You have to know how to communicate with the space, listen to the dialogue between the works, and pay attention to the whispers that demarcate the path that the viewer will take”, she commented.

    Artflow is not only a gallery, but also a meeting point and a project management space, and its evolution has been reflected in this exhibition.

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