Get to Know the City of Nüwa and Where It Is Expected to Be Located

    Did you know that Nüwa, the future first city in Mars, is already designed?

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    Although this topic really seems unusual, it is not because there is a city project called Nüwa. It is also expected to be located on the planet Mars. This project is the result of a collaboration carried out by international scientists which has given shape to this ambitious project.

    Honestly, much has been said about this project since it was released. To tell the truth, there are a number of different topics that have not been touched on in depth and that are waiting to be addressed in the following material, hoping to answer the questions of many followers of this project.

    Is a city possible on the legendary red planet?

    The first city of this planet hopes to be located on the slope of one of the great cliffs that the mentioned planet possesses. Where will you have access to water? It is worth mentioning that this project seeks to be leveraged by a number of different technologies that can make it 100% sustainable.

    Due to the rocky structure of the planet, the same scientists unfolded a vertical city that is inserted inside the rock. This same action would keep Nüwa protected from the meteorites that pass through the place.

    Mars: The planet that catches all media headlines

    The planet occupies great interest at the international level in terms of planetary research and exploration that are being carried out today.

    Today, there is a team led by the astrophysicist Guillem Angala, who seeks to provide all the necessary aspects to the aforementioned planet, so that in the not too distant future human life can be preserved, just as the land so far.

    More about Nuwa

    According to the information provided by the Abiboo Studio website, trips to visit this city will take place every 26 months, approximately, and will last between 3 and 5 months. The value of the ticket will be about US$300,000. It should be noted that this will happen once this project is fully consolidated, beyond the virtual area, which is the phase it is currently in.

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