“Pura Vida Humans”, Experiences of Tico Family that Sold Everything to Travel Through Costa Rica

    You can follow the experiences of Roselyn Carrillo and Richard Carr on Instagram and Youtube

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    Showing the world the beauties of Costa Rica from a family perspective and through real experiences, encouraged Roselyn Carrillo and Richard Carr to sell their house and furniture, to undertake a tour of the country. The trip started after almost a year of planning and with the development of the “Pura Vida Humans” platform, which aims to show the entire adventure through videos.

    “We want the audience that accompanies us to get to know Costa Rica through the family, show hotels and tell experiences with children, for those who want to get out of their comfort zone, and at the same time promote local tourism,” said Carr. The couple has two young daughters and they have always been entrepreneurs, one of their businesses is Gallo Pin, which sells pins with Tico themes.

    The Pandemic as an opportunity

    With the arrival of the Pandemic, the dream of giving life to the new plan took hold. “We always had a fascination for making experiences as a family, documenting it on video, but for us. As a result of what happened in 2020, the social and family change that we had marked a before and after, we began to do school at home for the girls, it helped us to organize ourselves with times and be more productive,” said Carr.

    After selling the house, they stayed in an Airbnb and sophisticated their work equipment, they began with a planned route along the Pacific Coast, starting in the Osa Peninsula. This week they were in Manuel Antonio, at the Arenas del Mar hotel, which in addition to promoting local tourism, is characterized by its sustainability in every detail, which includes from reuse, the minimum use of materials such as plastic and recycling. As well as gastronomy focused on the use of local ingredients, such as the catch of the day that benefits producers in the area, as well as organic coffee from a women’s cooperative in the South Zone.

    Familiar places

    “We look for familiar places, it is important that they be comfortable spaces, and we also love design. The concept of sustainability is important, and that the girls are all terrain, that they have what they need, but if they have to camp, they should do it without problems, that they are close to nature and can explore its beauty”, said Carrillo.

    The next long stop will be in Guanacaste, where they will stay for three months, to settle down and carry out administrative work. At the end of this adventure the objective is to travel outside the country.

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