From Costa Rica They Demand an End to Female Violence On Internet

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    The representative of Unpfa in Costa Rica, Juan Luis Bermúdez, reflected here today on the risks on the Internet with the misuse of images and gender violence, especially directed at women facilitated by technology.

    We seek that decision-makers can regulate the platforms in the world. Today the decision is how we are going to do it and do it quickly, he said in statements to the press.

    The United Nations Population Fund (Unpfa) is currently leading a campaign in Costa Rica that demands an end to digital violence against women and the misuse of their images on the internet.

    My body belongs to me

    The initiative took advantage of the fashion week in Costa Rica, to display various messages on the Bodyright catwalk: My body belongs to me, also on the internet, Silence in the face of digital violence is not indifference, it is complicity.

    In it, women in their diversity, such as indigenous people, Afro-descendants, with disabilities, LGBTI, as well as some public figures showed other messages in their dresses: When it comes to digital violence, the virtual is real. We demand real protection from the authorities, not indifference. Let’s stop hate and violence.

    Getting things right

    For this reason, explained Bermúdez, we ask that they sign a global petition that is addressed to the different legislative and executive powers, so that they take measures aimed at stopping this cycle of growing violence that different groups experience and against women, who do not have the same rights.How is it possible if the brand of a company or a song has protection on the Internet and the image of a person does not have the same rights, he questioned.

    The Bodyright event was also an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of adopting more responsible practices with the environment and with our communities, as well as the idea that fashion must be inclusive of the diversity of populations that inhabit Costa Rica.

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