For All Ills, Relaxation Is Essential

    This August 15th, World Relaxation Day is celebrated, a reminder day to further value this practice of physical and mental well-being...

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    Costa Rica today dawns on two important dates: Mother’s Day and World Relaxation Day.

    And it is that relaxing will always bring good consequences to our body, both physically and mentally. To put it better, take it easy!

    Work, on so many occasions, takes up a lot of time and if we add to it all the things we have to do and be aware of from our mental list. So, how wonderful it is, that there are days for everything and, additionally, to disconnect from daily stress. Although this month is ideal, to take a few days of for vacation and connect with nature, go to the beach, practice yoga, observing you internally through meditation.

    At present, specialists emphasize the importance of being aware, of relaxing and spending time just idling, if that were done, there would be no post-vacation depression. Now, the reason for the celebration of this day, may be confusing, but despite this it has been extended to every corner of the world.

    Resonance in Costa Rica

    It is a community made for you, where time dedicated to yourself is essential. Here, the connection with our mother earth and her wonders is ideal. Yes, Resonance has spaces adapted to Co-working, which helps to have a better work experience, but it also has spaces for relaxation and how relevant good living is.

    Visit the website and we are sure that you will be convinced:

    Various ways to relax

    You can relax through various options, be it going to a spa, getting a massage, practicing yoga, doing the sport or leisure that you like the most, or simply enjoying a movie at home or a pleasant conversation with a loved one. The body will appreciate that we give it a well-deserved rest.

    Among one of the most important practices that you can carry out to celebrate World Relaxation Day, is Yoga and Pilates. Both disciplines are perfect for improving both mental and physical well-being through breathing and meditation.

    It is about connecting body, mind and breath, helping to work our muscles, to gain flexibility and to relax the body, but also to enhance the spiritual plane of our inner self by reducing stress, improving relaxation, contributing to better rest, increasing self-esteem and strengthening the immune system.

    How to practice Yoga and Pilates

    To do both yoga and Pilates, it is necessary to be in a quiet place, as a key to harmony and serenity. If these activities are practiced in the middle of nature, such as on the beach or in the mountains, it is enough to establish a connection with the environment, listening to its sounds. If, on the other hand, the session is practiced indoors, you have to find a space where you can play relaxing and soft music that let’s you relax. Also, it is ideal to choose the right moment and free yourself from distractions. If you already do these two activities on a regular basis, it is easy to realize that the experience is not the same if you wear shoes or socks as if you do it barefoot. Therefore, being barefoot allows you to correctly adopt the postures and improve the technique thanks to the stability gained
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