Festival for Women’s Rights Brings Together 46 Artists from Central America

    Sponsored by the European Union and the Embassy of Canada

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    Epsy Campbell, Vice President of the Republic, affirmed that the current context and the confluence of historical milestones such as the Bicentennial of Independence, the 35 years of the Peace Accords in Central America (Esquipulas I) and the 30 years of SICA, constitute an extraordinary scenario. to put women’s contributions in public debate.

    This past week, a group of 46 artists meet at the Melico Salazar Popular Theater, with the aim of reflecting on the role of women in the consolidation of 200 years of the Independence of Central America.

    The event, broadcasted on Channel 13 and through Facebook “Costa Rica 200 years of Independence”, included song, dance, poetry and theater. The production seeks to promote the impact of women in the cultural artistic sector, human rights, their political incidence, economic empowerment and social struggles, in an unpublished production.

    Talented artists

    Among the participating groups were Claroscuro, Queens of Reggae and Nakury, Raíz. “With this staging, we wanted to make visible the historical struggles of Central American women in order to celebrate 200 years of Independence with a demand for equality and the full and effective exercise of all our rights,” said Epsy Campbell, vice president of the Republic.

    The activity was promoted by the Vice Presidency of Costa Rica, the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the National Institute for Women, with the support of SICA, UN Women, the European Union and the Embassy of Canada in Costa Rica.

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