Central American Liberty Torch Travels the Region to Celebrate Independence Day

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Central American Torch of Liberty arrived in El Salvador from Guatemala as part of its tour commemorating the 193 years of independence from the Spanish Crown.

    Education Minister, Carlos Mauricio Canjura, received ‘The American Torch for Peace and Freedom’ from the Deputy Minister of Education and Cultural of Guatemala, Gudberto Leiva, in a ceremony held at the El Jobo Bridge at the border of Chinamas.

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    The event was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Interior and Territorial Development, Daysi Villalobos, and Deputy Minister of Education, Francisco Castaneda, among other authorities.

    During its tour of El Salvador, the torch will be carried by more than 40,000 students from various schools, “to encourage them to develop values ​​of peace, brotherhood and citizenship,” said the bulletin.

    Tomorrow the torch will be in San Salvador, where a formal torch lighting in the center of San Salvador will take place.

    Afterwards, it continues give to Honduras on Sunday via the border of El Poy at 10:30 local time (1630 GMT).

    The American Torch runs through the region each year, from Guatemala to Costa Rica, on the anniversary of the independence of the Spanish Crown: September 15, 1821.

    The American Torch for Peace and Freedom began its journey in 1960 and since then has traveled through Central America, “in order to highlight and keep the faith, the flame of peace and unity in all countries” in the region.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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