Costa Rica May Become a Pioneer in Reforestation of Fruit Trees

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    Surely you have ever heard or read, that he who perseveres achieves, and that perseverance is a fundamental key in all purposes. The aforementioned is applicable to everything you want to do, it is part of the day to day, like the air we breathe. It is also fundamental, our hands on the ground, feeling and appreciating what we have as nature, the pleasure of having seeds and spreading them, having the honor of seeing the trees grow over time.

    Therefore, the title of this article, Costa Rica can be a pioneer in reforestation, if we all take those reins, if you eat fruits, do not throw away the seeds, let them dry and store them in a bag and put them in your car, keep them in your backpack; When you go out on the road, throw them out the window with caution or if you prefer to go down and throw them where there are no trees … Mother nature will do the rest, you know.

    Experts have announced on several occasions that, in Malaysia, Thailand and other countries, they adopted the idea of saving the seeds, letting them dry and then scattering them, it is said that now there are fruit trees everywhere in those countries, this is where We insist from TCRN GREEN, that we will not be the exception and the earth will thank us.
    It’s not a secret, deforestation has been persistent

    Deforestation, a recurring problem

    For so many years, deforestation has been a recurring problem around the world. Recovering the damage done, will take time, but it is not impossible, the important thing is to take action as soon as possible. It is no secret to anyone that deforestation is a consequence of large industries and land plundered for agriculture and livestock.

    Just as we mentioned …

    Thailand believes it has found the best, simple and effective solution to reforestation. Since 2017, Thailand has used military planes to bombard its forests, but like a marvel, not with destructive fire but with seed bombs, which were made with native species, in order to recover degraded areas.
    Therefore, the Thai government has always maintained to continue promoting the pilot project, in which the results of reforestation will be evaluated and monitored from the air. Whether this system or project is turning 5 years old, it is estimated.

    The first mission was carried out in the forested region of Phitsanulok, the planes flew over an area of more than 800 hectares, dropping the seed bombs. The technique used is to sow seeds already prepared and with great conditions to become a tree.

    Seed bombs

    The concept of “seed bombs” was created by a Japanese named Fukuoka, author of a natural farming method. Over time the technique has been developed and refined with the strategies of the planes it is possible to plant approximately 900,000 trees in a day. The pumps include local tree seeds, wrapped in a mixture of soil, clay and compost, to facilitate germination.

    Costa Rica can also be an example country in reforestation, if we propose to do so.

    This article is part of TCRN GREEN and we will continue with more, stay tuned …

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