Federico Pilurzu: From Surf Lover to Innovative Entrepreneur

An Example of How to Follow Your Dreams to Be Successful

Federico Pilurzu is a young entrepreneur who from age 11 moved from Italy to Costa Rica, where he developed his career as a professional surfer, which brought him great sporting achievements, establishing himself as one of the best in the country in this extreme sport. However, this surf lover today is dedicated to the world of hospitality, being the general manager of the prestigious Cala Luna Hotel. Let’s get to know a little more about this innovative entrepreneur, and how he has obtained the perfect balance between business and his passion for surfing, becoming a living example of the emblem of the Ticos “Pura Vida”.

For Federico, going from a surfer to an entrepreneur has not been easy, like everything else, which requires effort and sacrifice. His daily routine is far from common, he tells us, “working here at the hotel requires long hours and that is why I have tried to balance it with my sport, because surfing keeps me motivated, alive, with good energy, the best thing is that this is reflected in the work, in the projects and the interaction with those around me”.

Spiritual growth is an element that is constantly practiced among the inhabitants of Costa Rica. Evolving and learning from the locals around you is a lifestyle that the Ticos have as an emblem and this is something that has deepened Pilurzo in his daily life. “I have changed in a deeper, more spiritual way; I have always been evolving, I think, learning a lot from the people around me, from what I find. I am always looking for new ideas, new projects and new ways to make things take a positive course”, he confessed. At the end of the day, Pilurzo surfs; He argues that this is what balances and relaxes him from the intensity of his daily work as an entrepreneur. He says he will not stop surfing until the day he cannot walk.

Highlighting the beauty and goodness of Costa Rica’s natural life is one of Federico’s main objectives. “Either through your hotel or the social projects that you carry out within the country, I think that if you do projects it is because you can really connect with what you feel passionate about, because if you do it with the intention of changing your surroundings for the better and do it with enthusiasm, money is a secondary thing”, said this entrepreneur.

Recently he was one of the organizers of the music event “La Senda Music Festival”, which featured both national and international artists. This event combined art, music, and messages for environmental sustainability. Likewise, this event positively impacted the local community creating awareness about the care of the environment and its preservation for future generations.

For the businessman Federico, “La Senda Music Festival had as mission to enrich the spiritual side of all those who participated and establish that connection with nature, celebrating art, music, nature, and well-being. In addition to uniting and creating a community of people who share the same values. ”

Cala Luna: an eco-friendly space

The Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas, located in Tamarindo Beach, in Santa Cruz de Costa Rica, is characterized by being an eco-friendly space, where people can be in contact with nature. “Today tourists have more social and environmental awareness than before and look for vacations that have a minimal impact on the planet’s resources, at Cala Luna, we strive to take sustainability to new levels and inspire our visitors to connect with nature in a meaningful way”, said Federico Pilurzu, General Manager of the Hotel.

Similarly, he said: “We are opening up to be healthier, with organic products from our garden to offer sustainable gastronomy.”  Wanting to be an example of “Tamarindo” eco-tourism, its motto is “Leading the way to luxury wellness, maintaining the recognized ecological lifestyle of Costa Rica.”

It is important to know that this touristic property currently received the “Best Boutique Hotel of 2019” award from the Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association. It is also the first Hotel in Tamarindo to be recognized with five stars. These achievements are undoubtedly the fruit that Pilurzu is reaping as an entrepreneur, through his innovative vision and his commitment to ecological tourism.


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