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    On November 15, 2015, hundreds if not thousands will come together for the inaugural India Fest: learning about dance, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic medicine.

    The event, put together by director Andrea Vargas and producer Vivian Hütt, will take place at the spacious Wyndham Herradura Hotel right here in San Jose. From 9am until 9pm, participants will discover Indian culture as an integral combination of dance, music, meditation, spirituality and Ayurvedic medicine.

    Various ticket options are available to meet individual’s’ interests and budgets. Each can be purchased online via Eticket. A complete list of workshops available during India Fest can be found on the event’s Facebook page. Pre-registration is recommended.

    Anahata, the Chakra of the Heart

    All the events of the festival will focus on the fourth, or the “heart” chakra. According to Vargas, this center of energy — located in between the breasts — is believed to be the primary source for love, vitality and life within nature.[quote_center]”[This chakra] corresponds with the objective to have the public ‘fall in love’ with the rich culture that India offers.”[/quote_center]

    The inaugural 2015 India Fest will introduce the general population of Costa Rica to a subculture that’s already thriving within the nation’s borders. Assuming the event’s success, subsequent festivals will be held rotating through a different chakra each year.

    International Conference with Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

    Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar of the Chopra Center in California will be flying in as the event’s Keynote Speaker. His work as an Ayurvedic doctor, researcher and author has earned him international recognition; his book, Hot Belly Diet, has even been featured on Dr. Oz. Dr. Kshirsagar is also the founder of the Zrii Foundation.

    Hütt explains:[quote_center]”Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar will be presenting… the principles and practices of Ayurveda — giving information about diet, exercise, breath and meditation so as to balance, heal and transform our lives.”[/quote_center]

    Furthermore, considering Dr. Kshirsagar’s home in the States, his presentation will be given in English with a Spanish interpreter. All other workshops will be presented in Spanish.

    Who is Andrea Vargas?

    In addition to being India Fest’s overall director, Vargas is an mixed-form dancer and founder of the Ave Shanti Academy — the only academy in Costa Rica that specializes in Classic Indian Dance.

    Vargas’s professional career in contemporary and classical Indian (Odissi, Kathak and Bollywood) dance styles has brought her to perform with such groups as the Costa Rican National Dance Company, Compañía Cámara Danza UNA, Introspectiva Danza Independiente and Speculum Mundi.

    Moreover, Vargas’s understanding of Indian dance and culture is authentic, stemming from her time there as an awarded student from 2003 until 2009. Upon her return, Vargas continued her studies in Eastern traditions at San Jose’s Yoga Mandir in order to become a certified yoga instructor.

    Other International Guests

    • Miosotis Lopez, Puerto Rico — performing classical Indian dance
    • Sol Ortiz Ares, El Salvador — performing classical Indian dance
    • Guillermo Puchol, Spain — presenting healing meditations and “the divine spark”
    • Pepelu Sánchez, Spain — presenting on loving through fear
    • Miguel F. Sarria, Peru — presenting on prana (breath) processes during heart expression
    • Patricia Savastano, Argentina — presenting mudras and mantras
    • Gayathri Sudi Pallai, India — presenting Bharatanatyam dance

    Should you attend India Fest?

    Are you between the ages of 1 and 99? Do you enjoy listening to music and watching exotic dances? Have you been wondering how you could better your health while healing your spirit with food? Do you want mental, physical and spiritual balance?

    The truth be told, India Fest has been designed with everyone in mind. While there are no specialized events for children, all ages are bound to be mesmerized by Ave Shanti’s talented dancers — not to mention the international artists. The marketplace will be open for the entirety of the festival, and already doctors and curious souls alike have signed-up to hear the conference and workshops on Ayurvedic medicine — after all, any practice that has been refined over 5,000 years, as the holistic and scientific practice of Ayurveda has, is worth learning.

    So bring your yoga mat (or at least a pillow for sitting on), some cash for vendors and an open mind for learning, and we hope to see you there!

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