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    Nowadays, there are a lot of online resources to help you visit paradise with ease. Check out some of TCRN’s Costa Rica travel tips below.

    Needless to say that Costa Rica is a magical place, filled with natural wonders and warm-hearted people. Visiting this country could be a life-changing experience. Here in Costa Rica, we have it all. You can relax on a sun-bathed beach in front of turquoise waters, or you can climb a plush green mountain in search of adventures. There are canopy, rafting, surf and bungee experiences for the young and wild, but there are also long walks in the rainy forest or on beaches of white sand. There is no way you can leave Costa Rica without a smile or without feeling pura vida, that magic of this country.

    Getting Here

    Visiting Costa Rica is now easier than ever, and is also very affordable. Did you know you can buy a ticket from Orlando, Florida to Costa Rica in less than $200? TCRN has assembled a list to help you get the best deal on plane tickets.

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    Planning Your Trip

    Now that you have your ticket in hand, it is time for you to decide what you want to do. It may seem overwhelming to plan your trip, especially in country as diverse as Costa Rica. Take your time.

    Thankfully you can go to VisitCostaRica, the country’s official site for tourism. Here you will find information about all the touristic attractions in the country, from national parks to museums and cultural events. There is a lot to explore in this tiny country, and it would take a life time to visit it all, so choose wisely. You can also find information about hotels, car rentals and travel agencies. VisitCostaRica has all you need to have a good trip.

    Making a Connection

    Once you are here, make sure you get in contact with the local culture; that is the only way you will feel what pura vida is all about. Go out your way and meet new people. Go to the small restaurants — we call them sodas — to get a real taste of our food. Our casados and the best coffee in the world.

    An ideal app to move around the country is Waze. There is a strong community here in Costa Rica, so you will always get good directions and will be able to find the best places to eat at the touch of your cellphone.

    This beautiful land is waiting for you. Its people are eager to meet you and show a good time. Let your worries go and find the kind of peace only Costa Rica can give you. We assure you, you will fall in love with the blue skies, the rivers, the mountains and the beaches. The only hard part is leaving.

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