Rescuing the Costa Rican Identity Through Art

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    The last of four exhibitions in Teatro Melico Salazar is by Martha Espinoza, running from October 8 until December 13, 2015.

    Martha Espinoza Barquero is a Costa Rican artist. She is presenting her Relatos de Infancia in the Galería Dinorah Bolandi with Teatro Popular Melico Salazar.

    Another three artists were picked from 30 competitors to show their work at the gallery this year: Jose Solorzano with his exhibition Mitografías, Carlos Aguilar with the exhibition La Madonna y el niño, and Mariano Arias with Mercado Urbano.

    Espinoza has presented more than 40 international exhibitions. On this occasion she says she is thankful to God, because this is her first individual exposition. The fact that it’s snowing in the Bolandi Galery means a lot to her.

    Carlo Acevedo, the producer of the Dinorah Bolandi Gallery says:

    [quote_center] “We searched a balance between new artists and experienced artists… Martha was picked, because — although she is not a pictoric type, rather more illustration with print techniques — she has a very critical eye and a clean line.”[/quote_center]

    The gallery wanted young Costa Rican talent. Something fresh, not already acclaimed and used. “[Espinoza] represents being more Latin American than many other artists I have met in my job,” continues Acevedo. “Her art rescues that Costa Rican identity, as well as part of her Nicaraguan blood too.”

    So far, about 90% of those in attendance have been Costa Ricans, a lot of whom were students.

    Message and Inspiration

    Espinoza hopes to make viewers aware of the situation in Latin America, encourage them report child and otherwise abusive situations, and promote the development of workshops to help form appropriate familiar environments for children.

    [quote_center]“All of them — joy, sadness, pain, love — all my pieces [reflect] my daily life, who Martha Espinoza is; each title contains a story that has marked me.”[/quote_center]

    Acevedo explains Martha’s exhibition has a language of its own. He says the colors and the symbolism in her strokes make her disorder have order. Acevedo added that an exhibition like this is a window to the human being.

    “This set is born from the feeling of pain,” says Espinoza, “from the child abuse that is a reality today in our society. The childhood is a key phase in our developing; everything that happens in this period marks us, positively or negatively.”

    Contrary to her exhibition, Espinoza had quite a pleasant childhood. These years are full of happy memories, she explains — even admitting with a happy face that she would love to return to these moments.

    She tells of working since the age of five in the countryside, playing with her cousins, embroidering with her grandmother, listening her grandmother’s legends, all the while seeing her grandfather collecting cacao. All of which took place in a forest environment with no electricity or water, coexisting with animals. These things, says Espinoza, are what make her how she is today.

    The Artist’s Beginning

    Espinoza started her art career painting and drawing when she was 29-years-old, though she has experimented with other crafts too. Despite her varied interests, her preference is oil painting. Espinoza explains how her parents always supported her art work. In fact, they are her motivation too.

    When she remember her beginning she says she is pleased, because she had to work hard to get to where she is now. That said, she already knows more is coming. For Espinoza, it all comes down to effort, dedication, being open to the critics and continuing with the talent god gave her.

    Next on Espinoza’s Schedule

    Espinoza is currently working on two pieces for collective expositions. One is named Acuerdo en Desacuerdo. It will be inaugurated on the 20th of this month in the National Gallery. The other is Placerotico that will be inaugurated on the same date in the FCDEBrasileños.

    Additional, the busy artist is working on another two pieces for the Small Works Holiday  Exhibition in Hudson, New York. This event will open on December 3rd.

    Header image via Martha Espinoza (Visual Artist) on Facebook.

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