Vegan Fair Travels to Moravia

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    Jardines de Moravia prepares for The Vegan Fair to arrive on Sunday November 15.

    Starting at 10am, The Vegan Fair will take place in the public heart of Moravia: from San Blas Church, 150 east and 20 south, green event hall on a corner. Mary Ann Rubinstein Montes de Oca and her sister Patricia Rubinstein have been organizing the Vegan Fairs in Costa Rica since December 16, 2012.

    [pull_quote_center]One day, after seeing awnings in a fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I said: ‘Why don’t we make our own fair?’ A month later we started with eight stands, then were twelve.[/pull_quote_center]

    And so the fairs grew. According to Mary Ann:

    [pull_quote_center]The spirit of the fairs is very energetic and fun. People who eat meat are shocked. It’s a joy to me to see people change their habits and stop killing animals.[/pull_quote_center]

    Vegan Since 2008

    After being vegetarian for seven years, Mary Ann, became vegan overnight. She brought her three dogs on board as vegans too —  the oldest of which is seven-years-old and as her veterinary says: he is healthy and perfect and never gets sick.

    Mary Ann explains:

    [pull_quote_center]I personally became vegan as a way to grow spiritually, to have empathy and compassion to other sentient beings, and in pursuit of lightening my life and my impact on the planet.”[/pull_quote_center]

    The  Vegan Fairs, were created with the first edition in 2012 with the purpose to promote eating without animal suffering. On a monthly basis, they offer different, high quality products for all tastes around Costa Rica.

    Vegan Products and Producers

    Some of the producers that will be in attendance at the Vegan Fair on Sunday 15 include:

    • La Cuchara Verde Vegana “Recetas”
    • Verdísimo alacena vegana
    • Avellana Silvestre
    • Vainilla Verde Heladería
    • Gogo Bites
    • FCH Sweetness
    • Madriguera Vegana
    • Yoga Store
    • Aura Trejos
    • Alta Gracia Morera G

    A seemingly limitless variety of products can be purchased from these producers. Foods such as: vegetable cheese, vigorón, ice cream, raw food, sushi, tamales, Indian food, ceviche, and even vegan bbq wings. Many home goods and other supplies will also be available for purchase: cosmetics, cleaning supplies, cloth diapers… the list goes on.

    The majority of expositors are vegans or vegans-in-process with compassionate spirits and a conscience for both animals and human beings. Mary Ann and Patricia Rubinstein are open to new expositors with the same thoughts of protect life and animals and save human health with a good feeding. This and more is explained on the Vegan Fair’s Facebook page.

    Even More Vegan Producers

    [selfie]Are you a vegan producer here in Costa Rica? Promote your business here for as little as $0.40 a day![/selfie]

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