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    Costa Rica is an ideal place to improve your mental and physical condition, integrate healthy habits and activities into your lifestyle, and free your soul and return as a new person. We all know that stress and routine are gradually destroying our mental and physical health, especially those who find it difficult to leave the city frequently.

    That is why Wellness Tourism has become so popular in recent years, giving travelers the option to improve their quality of life, their physical and mental health, relax, detoxify, and enjoy a time of peace. All this, combined with a good diet and physical exercise in harmony with nature, make wellness the perfect experience for you.

    In Costa Rica, you will not only have contact with nature and wild animals, but you will also interact with beautiful, friendly, respectful people with a great sense of hospitality. From the first contact with a Tico, you will become familiar and learn to be as happy as we are; and I am not saying it, but all those travelers who visit us and express their extraordinary experience and the wonders of this country and its people.


    Imagine, walking in the middle of nature, along the paths of a national park in times of low visitation, listening to the wind moving through the leaves of the trees, the murmur of the streams going down through the rocks, breathing fresh air, bumping into face to face with some small forest animals and bring the levels of tranquility and relaxation to the maximum possible. The times we have been in the national parks and protected areas of this country, we feel that connection with nature and it allows us to automatically disconnect from our problems to enjoy another reality. This is precisely what the trails of Costa Rica offers, a unique experience of physical and mental well-being.

    If you want to enjoy a walk through the forest you can write to us at [email protected] and book with us the tour we offer so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

    Forest bath

    Immerse your 5 senses in the forest and start enjoying the benefits that this activity will bring to your being. I wasn’t sure what this activity was about until we started doing breathing exercises in an environment filled with naturally purified air, in contact with nature, the trees, and the vegetation of the place, along with other elements and exercises that make it a natural relaxation and wellness therapy.

    Various studies have proven that it is an effective treatment to reduce tension, anger, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. However, from our point of view, we can add that it is the most direct way of experiencing nature at its best. So we recommend it to detoxify your lungs and your mind from so many toxins that we absorb every day. Once the tour is over, you will feel your lungs strengthened and your mind in total balance.


    When you are faced with illnesses as a consequence of your lifestyle, you must begin to adopt many changes; Earthing could be one of them. Regain your connection and your health!

    Earthing (also known as “grounding”) consists of making direct contact with the Earth, to stop being two separate elements and become one (that is, it implies, connecting with the earth). Walking barefoot on the ground allows the exchange of free electrons between our body and the planet (as our body is a conductor of electricity), to occur in such a way that these would act by neutralizing free radicals, which are the protagonists of many inflammatory processes.

    When we practiced it for the first time, we thought it would be a waste of time, however, the results are amazing, you must open your mind and your body to this experience so that you can see the positive results at the end each session. In addition, the practice of Earthing has been shown to regulate cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and reduce blood viscosity. Mother Nature knows how to heal us and in this little piece of land you can practice it, I am sure that she will help you as much as I!

    Splunk spa

    We all love to be given a massage or pampered in a spa, and from time to time it is good to relax and enjoy it, but the next time you want to take a Spa session, better think of “Splunch”. This is a new relaxation technique that is giving incredible results since it mixes the benefits of a Spa treatment with a healthy and nutritious meal.

    The Splunch represents the perfect combination of splendor, exquisiteness, and relaxation where I can assure you that you will feel like the most important and pampered person in the world, well, at least that’s how I felt after enjoying this innovative wellness activity. The Spa session includes different services of your choice: sauna, hydrotherapy pools, Turkish bath, massages, or body or facial treatments. And if we add an excellent and light meal to this therapy, it would give the perfect ending to the experience.

    If you want to experience it in person, you can book it through us, contact us at [email protected] and we will take care of preparing everything for you.

    Body wraps

    Every day the variety of wellness activities and Spa treatments increases, and the trend that seeks health care and personal aesthetics through natural procedures. This is why we see in different spas in the country a technique called “Body Wrap”.

    This wellness procedure consists of wrapping your body in different elements such as coffee, volcanic mud, tropical fruits, and/or chocolate, to hydrate your skin, tone your body, improve circulation, eliminate cellulite, detoxify your body and move fat to that can be eliminated naturally. When you finish each session, your skin will feel smooth, soft, clean, and even with a few pounds less!

    Remember to drink plenty of water before and after the Body Wrap, this will help you eliminate toxins. It is also advisable not to drink caffeine, carbonated drinks, sugar, fatty fried foods, and alcohol for at least 72 hours after the Body Wrap. Following these recommendations will give better results to the treatment.

    Different hotels in the country and spa clinics include this treatment within their range of services, so it would be good to ask your favorite hotel if they can provide you with this service. On the other hand, we could help you book a hotel here in Costa Rica that applies Body Wrap, if you write to [email protected] we could help you.

    Hydrotherapy with hot springs

    Costa Rica is a privileged country with a high level of water resources. It is even one of the few countries in the world where you can drink water directly from the tap without filtering. Thanks to this precious liquid, you can also experience hydrotherapy for therapeutic and wellness purposes.

    It consists of treating your body with water baths at different temperatures for rehabilitation and relaxation. In this regard, the temperature and pressure of water increase and decrease according to the person’s needs, while improving his blood pressure and circulation. In addition to water, herbs and aromas are mixed to increase the properties of the treatment and improve its results.

    You must know that if you have any heart disease, consult your doctor first if you can participate in a hydrotherapy treatment since changes in blood pressure may occur.

    Healthy gastronomy

    A healthy lifestyle is not complete without a menu that covers the nutritional requirements for a healthy body and mind”. The gastronomic offer of this country is as varied as the ingredients that compose it.

    A large amount of vegetables, legumes, tubers, and fruits with high levels of vitamins and minerals, thanks to the rich and fertile soil where it is grown, promotes a healthy and balanced diet. The choice depends on the health conditions, limitations, allergies, or intolerances of each person. The key is to individualize the options, to guarantee an adequate application of the diet. If you are like me, who loves good cuts of meat, dairy, or other animal derivatives, keep in mind that Costa Rica has long been committed to the production of organic food that meets healthier conditions, free of antibiotics, hormones, and synthetic substances.

    In the different regions of the country, although they use the same ingredients, they offer very varied and different menus. Food and culinary arts have their history and legacy. The food prepared in Nicoya (Guanacaste) is very different from that of San José (only 4 hours away by car), and even more so than that of the Caribbean region.

    That is why I recommend you take advantage of the region you are visiting to add a gastronomic experience to your well-being trip and delight your palate with the rich, nutritious, and varied options that this tropical paradise offers you. If you want to know a little more about our gastronomy, you could write to us at [email protected] and book our Caribbean cuisine tour that will make your senses explode.

    Proof that the country is an ideal place to improve the quality of life is that it has one of the few “blue zones” with the greatest longevity on the planet. A 2004 study found that mortality among 90-year-old Costa Ricans is 10% lower in the Nicoya Peninsula, south of Guanacaste. The calcium-rich water in this area, a healthy diet, living with the family, and living very much in the “Pura Vida” style are the secrets to having a long life.

    Take advantage of your visit to, in addition to enjoying an unforgettable vacation, return home feeling new, free of fatigue, and stress, and healthier than when you left. There are still many more wellness activities you can do in the country. If you have one in mind and you do not know if you can do it, contact us and we will gladly help you to guide you if you want us to prepare a tailored program with a large number of wellness activities possible, we will gladly help you pamper yourself during your vacation. You deserve it!

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