Economic Activity Increased 3.6% in the Last 12 Months

Economic activity increased 3.6% in April this year in comparison with the same month last year, according to the monthly index of the economic activity (IMAE in Spanish) published by the Central Bank last June 9th.

Central Bank of Costa Rica

It is expected that the economic activity has a twist in the next months since there were more production and money flow in April than in March according to the annual analysis issued by the Central Bank.

Representatives of this important monetary authority state that the production of service providers and trading has generated 76% of the whole profit, which sheds light on why there’s been a slight increase in the economic activity in the country. Other activities that featured growth by 14% in the last months were:

  • Professional activities
  • Scientific companies
  • Technical service providers
  • Business administration
  • All the economic activities related to commerce and trading.

Car repairing and car part dealerships had a production increase as well. Car trading businesses boosted their profits by 3.7%, insurance companies 6%, transportation 6.4%, and ITCs 7.2%.

Medical tools manufacturers also improved their production up to 3.2%. Agricultural sector had a slight growth of 2.9%, which is the outcome of the implementation of new cropping methods that seek to have a better fest control and productivity. Beans and onions were the most produced items in the agricultural sector last April.

Private construction companies had a growth of 1.1% while the public construction sector decreased the production up to 10.7%.

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