Ecofairs in Costa Rica Reinvent Themselves and Continue Contributing to Their Society

    Worthy representations of the hard-working and creative Ticos

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    Since the COVID-19 Pandemic arrived in Costa Rica various ventures have had to reinvent themselves for continuing to leave their essence, their contribution to customers. Behind each project, there are men and women who do not rest in organic work, in promoting producers and local farmers. We always emphasize the “Magic Made Locally“, which has always promoted the Ecoferia in Dominical, that is a worthy representation of the hard-working and creative Ticos.

    The EcoFeria, today is the result of a great variety made up of 100% fresh fruits and vegetables presented for years by local farmers, also artisans with their innovative products and adding to this great specialists in yoga and meditation. They have their website “EcoFeria Dominical”, (

    The Pandemic has been a very hard test for everyone in the world, economically and touristically it has generated its impact, but despite this, the Ecoferia is still a very interesting process, in terms of delivery because of the changes made: Maintaining its pure and beautiful ideology, since the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has been the decision of its members to focus more on the values ​​of the project, due to that detail of going from the physical to the digital.

    All opportunities seized

    Keyna, one of its loyal organizers, recently told us that “all opportunities must be seized, from bad situations we must take something positive, always moving forward, oriented towards sustainably advancing. Regardless of the conditions we are in, for us it was very hard work the first eight months in the digital realm.”

    Regarding deliveries, they were given the opportunity to give each of their producers a good detail, in addition to reviewing the quality of the product, “on the one hand, the new modality has been a blessing, that many people do not have the in-person to assist  for reasons of work, but wanting to maintain a daily life of accessing organic products from fairs, then this mechanism -online-, has allowed producers and customers to have a closer relationship “.

    Challenging beginnings

    The beginning of the fair meant working 16 hours a day, because they did not know anything of what they were getting into, “we did not know how to handle the product, how to preserve it, how to keep it fresh and now we have reached a point, a moment where the product that is delivered is only top quality, we also make sure that the producer is honest.

    There is a lot that when people do not know what organic really means, they put whatever they picked up from the neighbor’s yard, without knowing that the grass was fumigated, for example, that is not organic … “.

    Ecoferia Delivery

    Something that the organizers of the Ecoferia maintain is knowing what is truly organic, this comes from the heart, a value, a walk through life; the process of -Ecoferia Delivery-, is a rebirth, an opportunity to be better.

    It is worth noting that there is a purpose to reopen the physical fair, hoping that the municipality and the government of Costa Rica in general authorize them to do so, they have held conversations with them, with the Ministry of Health (for the permits).

    In turn, the Ecoferia and its members have had great support from the Costa Rican community, mainly Dominical, community leaders, a wonderful team with the donation of the website, which Keyna considers that , “without them the process would have been very painful. “.

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