Digital Transformation Is An Essential Step For Company Recovery In Costa Rica

    Changing technology is one of the main challenges for companies

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    Companies must analyze opportunities that generate emerging technologies such as new forms of productive work and expansion of markets. For over 5 years, technology has taken a leading role in companies, causing enormous changes and forcing employees to be trained.

    While some refused to be part of the transformation and were stopped by fear, the pandemic accelerated the process and many of those who did not take the leap took the opportunity to evolve in business.

    OECD Highlights Costa Rica’s Progress in Digital Transformation

    Rodrigo Herrera, Professor at Lead University in the specialty of Digital Transformation, assured that “currently technology changes at a speed that is difficult to keep up with and keep employees up-to-date and the company is one of the main challenges. In addition, there are factors that cannot be lost from the magnifying glass such as: security due to computer risks, employability (skills and knowledge), as well as the need to encourage innovation”.

    Faced with the change, the expert considers that it is important to analyze the opportunities generated by emerging technologies such as:

    • Market expansion

    • Know the customer and personalize your experience

    • New forms of productive work

    • Promoting innovative and sustainable leadership

    Herrera stressed that there is no precise formula, and digital transformation will always be a continuous change, which can generate the reinvention of one or all areas of a company. That is why to take that first step it is vital to ask ourselves: Where do I want to be? What do I want from the company? How far am I from the target point? What is the strategy going to be?

    “We can learn from the experience of others. Let’s look at the well-known Kodak Case, which, due to a slow adaptation to technology, became number 18 on the Forbes list as the largest companies to quote 27 cents per share in the market”, said the professor of Digital transformation.

    The Future of Tourism: Smart, Digital and Sustainable

    According to a report presented by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), on economic prospects for Latin America and the Caribbean, with respect to the number of mobile and fixed broadband subscribers, Costa Rica has figures well above regarding the countries of the region.

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