Did You Lose Contact with Relatives Who in 2010 Tried to Cross Mexico Heading Towards the United States?

    If this is your case, do not hesitate calling the OIJ

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    The Mexican authorities ask Costa Ricans that if they have relatives who tried to cross Mexico towards the United States but did not hear from them again, they must contact the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ). According to a statement from the OIJ, these are people who would have traveled through Mexican territory between January 1st and August 23rd, 2010.

    For the US authorities it is important to have this information because in August of that year they discovered 72 bodies in the municipality of San Francisco in the state of Tamaulipas. Hence, it is necessary to know if there is any family member of a Costa Rican who has traveled to the United States, using Mexico as a route, and did not know more about that person.

    Identify in gcorpses

    “The collaboration of the public is requested so that if any person has lost contact with a relative who traveled to the country indicated above on the dates mentioned, they should go to the nearest OIJ delegation. In this way, the judicial agents would communicate with the Office of Technical Advice and International Relations of the Public Ministry so that they take the required information”, said the OIJ. Their objective is to carrying out a series of additional procedures required by the Mexican authorities in order to identify these bodies.

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