Delta Costa Rica Opens Modern Facilities to Reinforce Surveillance in the Northern Caribbean

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    Government authorities received the modern facilities of the new Delta Costa Rica delegation, located on the banks of the Colorado River in the district of Llanuras del Gaspar, Sarapiquí canton, in the border area with Nicaragua.

    This activity was carried out following all the sanitary control measures, and with the presence of the Public Security and Police Minister, Michael Soto; Border Police Director, Allan Obando and the President of the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE), Alexander Solís.

    The new structure -whose investment for ₡ 682 million was contributed by the CNE- will be the base of operations of the Delta Costa Rica delegation, a police unit equipped with both land vehicles and river boats.

    From the place, patrols are carried out through the Colorado River, Las Barras, Calero Island, Delta Costa Rica, Agua Dulce and Puerto Lindo, among other towns located in the cantons of Sarapiquí and Pococí.

    The Minister of Public Security, Government and Police, Michael Soto, highlighted the effort of the officers who work tirelessly in the area with the aim of ensuring the protection of citizens and the sovereignty of the country on the northern border and thanked the National Emergency Department Commission for the contribution to this new delegation.

    Defending National Sovereignty

    “This new delegation is the base of operations for the defense of national sovereignty, migratory control, environmental protection, fight against organized crime and citizen security,” said the chief, while announcing two new headquarters for the Caribbean Border Police North, which will be ready by the end of the year. One is located in Agua Dulce and the other in the Barra del Colorado Sur sector. Both are built with a budget provided by the same emergency executive decree.

    The president of the CNE, Alexander Solís, indicated that “we are satisfied to know that the contribution of Costa Ricans allows to reap the benefits of the security for the inhabitants of the area and to generate better conditions for the police officers who day by day ensure the citizen’s protection”.

    The new facilities consist of 1,347 square meters, accesses and infrastructure in accordance with Law 7600. They have an operational capacity to house 94 people. It includes dormitories for male and female staff and headquarters, an entrance control booth, an electrical room, a reception, a waiting room, cells for men and women, health services, infirmary, warehouses, offices and armory. Outside, it has green areas, parking and ample spaces for the important surveillance work carried out by the Border Police forces from Delta Costa Rica.

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