Cyber-Attacks: Take These Recommendations into Account to Not Be a Victim of Hackers

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    Recent cyber-attacks on government institutions show that criminals are increasingly using more sophisticated mechanisms to try to circumvent digital security. In the case of companies, those cyber-attacks represent a great risk in their financial activities due to an eventual business interruption.

    For this reason, both individuals and companies must take measures to protect their data and avoid this type of breach. “The issue of cyber-security involves 3 factors: technology, users and company processes, so that any strategy we create must consider actions in these 3 directions to ensure that the business has basic measures”, said Julio Hong, collaboration and security consultant.

    These are the expert’s recommendations:

    • Companies must ensure that all computers used by their employees are protected by an end device protection solution and DNS and anti-spam.

    • Make several backup copies of backups, if it is not backed up, it may be impossible to restore it.

    • It is important that companies use secure passwords, that multiple authentication factor systems are activated.

    • Companies should conduct a regular review of all their online processes.

    • Train collaborators, workers are the most vulnerable point of attack.

    • Hire a cyber-security team.

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