Create The Blog Of Your Dreams For Your Social Network

It's not just a good idea but working it well

Social networks and blogs are a trend these days, they have become one of the main means of communication between virtual audiences. If you ever created one and did not succeed or want to create one, here we make a compilation of some aspects that must be taken into account start a website correctly.


A blog is characterized by a series of notebook type data entry, that chronologically stores texts or articles where the author has the freedom to publish what he wants. It is a base on a chain of data in which an indeterminate number of people participate, while the network makes a backup copy that is stored within its structure.

At present we hear everywhere the importance of blogs in our days. 90% of them start with around 100 daily visits or less and end up being abandoned in less than six months. This occurs because of basic errors that can be avoided by a minimum of preparation and planning.

As the main aspect to understand is, what a blog is about, it is important to mention that there are many blog chains. There are as many as the user wants and are related to each other. They are used for a host of different operations. Those who say only the owners have access are a private network, likewise, this network has a specific use and approach. The public network is the ones on which Bitcoin or Etereum works and as a curious fact was that this type was the first one that existed.


Central idea.

Before starting a blog, the first thing you should do is choose the central theme, which will be the type of content you want to capture with which you will be identified, for example, motivation, fashion, art, technology, whatever you want. It is essential to think first about your website and not about the design. Quality, not quantity. It is not about making many articles or posts, but about making a striking and original content that invites readers to review what you have published.

In today’s world, success is measured by the number of followers you have on social networks.

Always remember to maintain quality; you do not have to make publications every day, or those come out and are not attractive, especially when you’re starting. It is not about making many articles or posts, but about making a striking and original content that invites readers to review what you have published. Always remember to maintain quality.


Be yourself.

Currently, there are millions of blogs of all types of topics, so if you want yours to be successful, you have to answer this question: Why would someone read this blog and not someone else’s? Try not to be one of the bunch and rather be yourself, do not pretend to be what you are not. Originality and creativity are things that attract people, for example, a fashion blog can add something different that others do not have that becomes your personal stamp, there are always ways to present the things put to play on your mind.

Constancy and discipline.

Creating a blog is very simple, people usually think that the rest will be too; but like everything in life, to be successful it is necessary to be constant and patient, beginning are not simple. Keep working until you get where you want.

Time required.

It is essential to get a fixed time in all your daily occupations so as to have time for the blog. Normally, when a person thinks about opening a clothing store, he studies what the clothes will look like and how they will make their business profitable. The same must happen with a blog, you must first invest some time in planning what you do on your website, which will help you detect problems before they occur and save you hundreds of hours in the future.

Do not get obsessed with spending too much time thinking and not doing anything. You do not achieve anything by planning everything in detail and not checking it, that’s why you should put your idea to the test to see how effective it is.

The real business.

One of the reasons why most people start a blog is to make money but the secret is not to have publicity within the web, but rather convert the site into a marketing tool and position yourself with an expert.

Design indicated.

When we talk about design, we recommend you to place your own style, for that typography and colors are fundamental, you have a great variety of fonts in the case of combinations on the website. Select color and this will give other tones that go well with the one you selected.

SOURCEYohander Rodriguez
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