Country invests in improving conditions of police

costa_rica_policeTCRN Staff

San Jose. AP. Public Safety officials announced Friday an agreement with unions to improve working conditions of various police forces with an investment of nearly $11million (more than ¢ 6,300 million).

The agreement will benefit more than 10,000 officers of the security forces, penitentiary police, traffic police and immigration agents.

“We have officers with more motivated and better conditions. The agreement focused on all police forces, but each differently, ” stated Vice President Robert Thompson, who led the negotiations with the unions.

The changes include improvements in wages and various incentives such as 35% in the recognition by the trajectory of the officers and will start being implemented in January and a 25% increase on basic salary by way of availability.

Increases in training and support will be provided for police officers to complete studies, with rearrangements of days not to exceed 12 hours.