Could Nicoya’s Blue Zone, One of the Five in the World, Disappear?

    Due to factors such as the great and rapid industrialization on the peninsula

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    On August 30, the documentary “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones” was released on Netflix, which highlighted the virtues and challenges of the five blue zones in the world, including the one located in Costa Rica, exactly on the Nicoya peninsula.The other four are in:Okinawa Japan, Sardinia Italy, Ikaria Greece, Loma Linda California

    The documentary – which reflected more than 20 years of work by researcher Dan Buettner – launched a warning about the future of the Costa Rican blue zone (composed of the towns of Hojancha, Nandayure, Carrillo, Santa Cruz and Nicoya).

     In the third episode, the reasons that have allowed multiple cases of residents who have exceeded 90 and even 100 years of age to be recorded were not only highlighted. For example: This documentary emphasized a plant-based diet (consumption of beans, squash, and corn), natural movement, and a sense of family.

     As part of the documentary, the production also interviewed four centenarians: Ramiro Guadamuz, 100 years old, Dora Bustos, 102 years old, BenerandoGarcía, 99 years old, and Juan Carrillo, 86 years old.  These are residents who have a biological age about 10 years younger than their respective chronological age.

    Alerts and worries in the area

    However, not everything is positive in the documentary, since according to Dan Buettner, the blue zone of Nicoya could disappear.This is due to factors such as the great and rapid industrialization that has occurred in recent years on the peninsula, as well as the disinterest of new generations in continuing the traditions of their ancestors.

    Blue Zones Nicoya

    For this reason, organizations and companies like Blue Zones Nicoya have been working for years promoting and rescuing the values, culture and traditions of this region.It also seeks to raise awareness about the consumption of high-quality products from the area, with nutritional value and great health benefits.

     A specific action is carried out by the Blue Zones Nicoya organization, which donates a percentage of the sales of its products to support the centenarians of the peninsula.

     In addition, it plays an important role in the care of scarlet macaws and bees.  This through its scarlet macaw reinsertion project and the support program and good beekeeping practices, Blue Zones Nicoya detailed.  The organization makes an additional call to support rural tourism.To learn more about Blue Zones Nicoya, its social action as well as its products grown in the Blue Zone of Nicoya, you can visit the website:

    Recorded Longevity

    Currently there are 57 people over 100 years of age in the Nicoya Peninsula, divided as follows:

    Nicoya: 21

    Santa Cruz: 19

    Carrillo: 9

    Nandayure: 5

    Hojancha: 3

     According to records from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), there are 10 people who could turn 100 before December 31, 2023 in the country.

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