Costa Ricans Attracted to Destinations Outside the Country Must Take Some Recommended Measures for Travel

    According to the ICT, July, September and December are the months that Costa Ricans travel the most

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    A season is coming where Costa Ricans are very attracted to traveling to destinations outside the country. According to the ICT, the months with the most reported departures are July, September and December. However, although the desire to travel is great and an investment is made, there are still few Ticos who pay attention to the recommended measures for traveling.Given this panorama, officials call for prevention and protection, in order to guarantee the well-being of the traveler and their immediate environment.

    Before leaving the country you should always make sure to comply with some recommendations that will be obvious to some, and not so obvious to others, but that will help you enjoy the trip to the fullest.


    The first recommendation is the suitcase. You should consider not traveling with excess luggage. The clothes to be worn should be selected and combine with each other, including comfortable footwear and personal care items.Before packing your suitcase, it is advisable to check the climate of the place or places you are visiting, that way you can place options for the expected weather.


    Another point is to check that the passport is in order. In many countries they require that it be valid for more than six months, something that could represent a significant setback when renewing it if it is a time of year with high demand.


    The next aspect is the visa. You should check whether or not the country or countries you are traveling to require this document. If you require it, you must find out the requirements they request and the time it takes to provide it.


    An aspect that is becoming important for travelers today is communication. There are devices that provide internet connection that you can get from your country of origin or you can investigate how to acquire a local SIM that is compatible with your cell phone.

    Bank cards

    In some banks they ask you to notify them of departure for the use of cards. It is advisable to consult with the bank and the process to be carried out, to avoid cancellation or blocking abroad. This is because in many countries in the world paying with physical money is not possible or not fully accepted.


    “One of the most important points when traveling is health. It seems incredible, but it is the most forgotten. People focus so much on relaxing, entertaining and having fun, that they do not consider that during the trip they can get sick, have a toothache, take medication, have to return early and not having insurance to support them in this situation, They may incur high expenses that they will not have the means to face and go into debt.

    Therefore, whenever you travel you must consider Travel Insurance. According to the expert, it is important to verify coverage. Also, ensure that they do not charge you a deductible so that you do not have an additional expense to the insurance payment and that the insurer pays directly to the medical provider and in this way you do not have to wait for reimbursement.Finally, it is recommended that travel insurance has worldwide coverage and 24/7 attention.

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