Costa Rican Women Take Ownership of Their Sexuality: Free, Without Taboos or Fears

    Social networks and greater access to information have opened the door to sexual education

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    In recent years, women’s interest in exploring their sexuality and breaking taboos in society has been increasing.From greater access to information, thanks in part to social networks, and the destigmatization of female pleasure, there are several reasons that have driven this cultural change, according to Irene Cerdas, sex coach in Costa Rica.

    Has women’s interest in exploring their sexuality increased in recent years?

    The interest has probably always been there, but not the permission. Female sexuality has not only been repressed but also punished, so when faced with so much social punishment and repression it is not easy to want to seek guidance, information or help from professionals.

    With the arrival of blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram and TikTok, the opportunity to access a lot of information was created, from the comfort of home and anonymously.

    Also, seeing other women openly talking about sexuality, their experiences, or educating themselves, definitely makes many women question how they are with their sexuality and of course want to learn and explore more.

    At the same time, there is an entire female sexual revolution, whose objectives include leaving behind all that repression and prohibition.We want the same rights, we want as sexual beings to enjoy the same as men who have had that freedom and permission.

    What are the factors that have driven this cultural change?

    Without a doubt, social networks and the Internet have been a fundamental tool in accessing information privately or anonymously that we did not have before.There are thousands of accounts for all tastes and experiences. For someone who is going through some difficulty, there is someone who dedicates their entire content to that. Those who have certain kinks or non-traditional tastes easily find community.

    The fact that we can find not only educational information but belonging and community has made a topic like sex, which although still taboo, becomes less and less so.

    What role does sexuality education and accessible information play in this growing interest among women?

    Sexual education is the basis of everything, for women, men and all other genders.Knowledge is power. Knowing about my body, my sexuality, my limits, my needs, tastes and more gives me security, empowers me and makes me make better and more informed decisions.

    Access to information is what little by little takes away that fear, that guilt and those shames and we naturalize it. The more it is talked about and normalized, the more confident we feel to continue being curious and we also feel confident in sharing as a couple. But also with education, we prevent not only abuse, STIs (sexually transmitted infections), or unwanted pregnancies, but also bad experiences, situations that put us at risk, frustrations, stress, performance anxiety, low libido, and sexual dysfunctions.

    What are the main challenges that women face when seeking to explore their sexuality more openly in Costa Rican society?

    In general, for most people what is a challenge is knowing which information is correct and which is not. Social networks in that sense are a double-edged sword, because we have a lot of true and valuable information, but on the other hand a lot of misinformation and lies.

    My suggestion is always to look for those people’s credentials (especially if it’s health content), decide if they resonate with your message, and question everything.

    For girls specifically, there is the challenge of facing a culture and society that does not want or see fit for women to take ownership of our sexuality. On the one hand, because when we do it they can no longer control us and because they cannot benefit from it, on the other because there are still many people, including friends, family and partners, who have not had that openness and education, which is going to make them feel ashamed for enjoying their sexuality.

    What tools and resources do you recommend for women who want to learn more about their sexuality and pleasure in a safe environment?

    My recommendation will always be to educate yourself, and there are many resources: books (for example “Come As You Are” by Emily Nagoski is my number one on female sexuality), podcasts, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and platforms like which is all about feminine self-pleasure.

    Sexual knowledge and education is the key tool to work on that shame that many grew up feeling and that still limits them. Also, to dare to explore new things we have to feel safe, and one only feels safe when they have the necessary information.

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